Once upon a time, there was a little place called the Moogle Cavern. For nearly a decade it was watched over by David Eggleton, who went by the Internet alias Kulock the Moogle. The site started off as his own personal corner of the web, hosted on the webspace of his Internet Service Provider. It wouldn't be long before Kulock graduated to an independent server, able to have greater control ove his little corner of the web. Always intended to be a place to throw up a few things that interested him such as video games and the anime series Slayers, it was at the suggestion of a friend that he began focusing on the "Sega and Sonic" portion of the site.

Almost inexplicably, the site began to be a popular destination to the general Sonic fan, and the small message board that Kulock had opened to go with the site flourished. Though there was a strong focus on Sonic discussion, the topics on the board were varied enough that people could visit and still enjoy themselves even if they knew nothing of the hedgehog. It was a case of Kulock being at the right place at the right time, and having the tools available to him that not everyone in the community had. The biggest draw to the site itself was the explosion of "hoaxes," a subshoot of the Sonic community that liked to create screenshots of impossible tasks in Sonic games, an extension of the community building from the discovery of the Sonic 2 Beta. That, along with its strong ties to many members of the original SSRG, allowed the site to be more than just the small fansite Kulock originally thought it would end up being.

Even as the main site slowed, updates becoming an inside joke more than anything, the community behind it remained strong, staying together and conversing because of the strong ties they felt toward each other. Even if Kulock and his site were the reason someone joined the message board, the people they encountered within were the reason they stayed. And when times were tough, when the board was moved from server to server, when the community was attacked, people still held on. They suffered through the bad because they remembered the good times.

For many of us, we grew up on the various MoogleMBs. We journeyed junior high, high school, and college. We took our first steps out of childhood and into the real world. And yet we always came back to that one place that seemed like it would never change. But all things must.

Mooglemb.com now stands as a testament to the community it forged, and to remember a more innocent age. The archive below is incomplete, as can be expected, and while it may never be as full as it would hope, people wanting to fill in the gaps is always appreciated. Think of it more as a companion to the Sonic Eats Rings museum, a celebration of what we once were. A group of kids stumbling around the Internet.

InsideTheWeb, EZBoard, phpBB, Proboards, SMF. We hardly knew ye.

Marvel at the digital pen strokes of a generation.

Sprites, comedy, and everything in between.

There are times a picture just isn't enough. Sometimes, you have to make it move.

We all have a voice. Includes the MoogCast[tm]!

Strings of html, carefully glued together to tell a story. A story of love. And of April 1st.

The preserved archives of our generation. Back before the Internet ruined us.

and the logs
A collection of conversations that once happened in real time.

Everything that doesn't quite fit in above? We've not forgotten you, either.

Such is the price of war
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