In an effort to expand the Moogle Cavern community and its inpact on the Internet, Kulock decided in 2006 to start an officially sanctioned Moogle Cavern podcast. Dubbed the "MoogCast," forum members Kulock, BlazeHedgehog, Bartman, H Hog, Seph, Ashuka, Night, and a fleet of guest stars would get together every few weeks and record their conversations. Though they produced 16 episodes, the series was never able to pick up steam, and it was quietly decided to discontinue the cast.

What follows below is a listing of all 16 episodes, including both version of the April Fools edition. Also included for your viewing pleasure are the original episode titles and descriptions, as written by Kulock. So fire up those iPods and allow yourself to drift back, and hear discussion of impending games that have already come and gone...

The MoogCast: Episode 01 (Nov 10th, 2006) [Archived Discussion]
Take Two!
Wii and PS3 Impending, Gears of War, Sonic 1 GBA, and Sonic 2 "Nick Arcade" Prototype
The MoogCast: Episode 02 (Nov 24th, 2006) [Archived Discussion]
Wii Launch in-depth, Sonic 2k6, tiny bit of BK games
The MoogCast: Episode 03 (Dec 8th, 2006) [Archived Discussion]
Final Fantasyiesies incoming!
TMNT CGI movie trailer, 4Kids (and One Piece), Final Fantasy Swarm Impending, and the BK games
The MoogCast: Episode 04 (Dec 29th, 2006) [Archived Discussion]
The Most Inefficient Means of Communication Possible
Wii Forecast/Opera, Viva Pinata, Webcomic Experience, TV DVDs, Tingle's Balloon Fight
The MoogCast: Episode 05 (Jan 12th, 2007) [Archived Discussion]
Kah-nuckles the Enchilada
Super Columbine pulled from Slamdance, Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix and Chocobo Tales coming to US, Sega and YTMND, and Windows Vista
The MoogCast: Episode 06 (Jan 26th, 2007) [Archived Discussion]
Bartman's Shame
News Blitz, Phoenix Wright: JFA, Diddy Kong Racing DS, Hotel Dusk, Castlevania and Postal movies, and Bartman's shame
The MoogCast: Episode 07 (Feb 10th, 2007) [Archived Discussion]
We're Full of Energy Today!
Ubisoft Animation Studio, Konami's Gamer's Day, Odin Sphere and 2D on PS2, And assorted else-eries
The MoogCast: Episode 08 (Mar 2nd, 2007) [Archived Discussion]
"There's a Dilbert Live Action Movie coming out..."
Sony and Nintendo at GDC, the Dilbert Movie, and Sonic and the Secret Rings
The MoogCast: Episode 09 (Mar 16th, 2007) [Archived Discussion]
Silence. Mostly.
Due to an error, the actual recording of the cast was lost. So instead, we present to you the MoogCast targeting our podcast-listening-yet-deaf audience. Please enjoy.
The MoogCast: Episode 10 (Mar 30th, 2007) [Archived Discussion]
Everything's more... violet?
Sonic SatAM DVDs, what got you into Sonic, The New NiGHTS, Mario & Sonic at the Olympics, PS3 released in Europe, GTA IV Trailer, and April Fools Day
The MoogCast: Episode 10 Extended (Mar 30th, 2007) [Archived Discussion]
GirlCast Extended
Because some of it was too good to leave on the cutting room floor. An extended version of the April Fools cast.
The MoogCast: Episode 11 (April 13th, 2007) [Archived Discussion]
The Beef-Cast, oh yeaaaah!
The BeefCast presents views on Super Paper Mario, the upcoming Xbox 360 update and newly-confirmed NiGHTS info, and we wanted our turn at talking about the SatAM DVDs too.
The MoogCast: Episode 12 (April 27th, 2007) [Archived Discussion]
Show us your Pokeymans!!1!
Sound problems plague this episode, unfortunately, but we still have a good chat about Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, along with news of Sonic Rush Adventure for the DS, and more, along with guest-casters Andrusi and YouSorryMon.
The MoogCast: Episode 13 (May 18th, 2007) [Archived Discussion]
Final Fantasy Bebop and the Half-Blood Prince
YouSorryMon returns, and we debate the potential stagnation of the Pokmon franchise, Sony's Gamers Day and sales stumble, and recently revealed prototypes of a SatAM-based Genesis game, along with other familiar names with different faces. Or is that the other way around. ...Joe Pencil?
The MoogCast: Episode 14 (June 8th, 2007) [Archived Discussion]
The Power Level of Jelly Beans
You will discover their destructive power as we regail tales of collectables that have met painful fates, as well as the recent popular rumors of a major PSP redesign, and the addictive qualities of the Smash Bros. Brawl website updates. Goldeen, Goldeen, Goldeen, Goldeen, Goldeen.
The MoogCast: Episode 15 (June 22nd, 2007) [Archived Discussion]
Sephiroth in a Speedo
Your deepest darkest fears, here on MoogCast! We debate the Sonic RPG, or what little is known about it, talk about the Simpsons and Final Fantasy Dissidia trailers, and go in-depth about our history of fangaming, and advice we have for those trying to get into it.
The MoogCast: Episode 16 (July 6th, 2007) [Archived Discussion]
Pre-E3 Special '07
We round up thoughts on several of the hot button topics leading in to this year's E3. Guest appearance by Jolly Joes!
Special Bonus Audio Clip #1
Special Bonus Audio Clip #2

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