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[TaeshiLH] 5:35 pm: She should suck it up and stop being so mean to everyone, yet breaking down and being a whiner when someone else gives her a piece of her own medicine.
[Neo-kun] 5:35 pm: Ben probably just thinks she's a man 'cause of the EMO
[Seph] 5:35 pm: Uh, why is Squish so out for Taeshi's blood?
[Photon S] 5:35 pm: I told you. I get a +3 bonus on my Sense Gender skill.
[TaeshiLH] 5:35 pm: And I only did that once to kid ":|"
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:36 pm: ahaha there was another lil/whore b***h fight
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:36 pm: where
[Photon S] 5:36 pm: Because I took the Crossdress feat.
[Neo-kun] 5:36 pm: She should just stop being such a whore.
[Neo-kun] 5:36 pm: Then we wouldn't have to call her one.
[Neo-kun] 5:36 pm: :[
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:36 pm: Ahahaha
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:36 pm: too right, paedo :D
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[TaeshiLH] 5:36 pm: When she came in, she even said "I'm here for some lovin'"
[TaeshiLH] 5:36 pm: BLOODY SAID THAT.
[Photon S] 5:36 pm: http://www.eponisdumb.com/aliciar/art/aliciacapsuleprize2.jpg - OMG ART OBTAINED AT FURRY CONVENTION =(
[Thunderbird1] 5:37 pm: Which skill tree does that feat come from, Photon? It seems useful.
[Tooth or Dare]: CrazyMrLeo has entered at 5:37 pm
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:37 pm: Woot woot
[TaeshiLH] 5:37 pm: Hi!
[Photon S] 5:37 pm: Some guy had a gumball machine rigged with capsules. Put 50 cents in, and you'd get a capsule with either a cheap trinket or a piece of paper written on it declaring your prize.
[Thunderbird1] 5:37 pm: Yo, Leo
[Photon S] 5:37 pm: Like "Portfolio" or "Sketch"
[Seph] 5:37 pm: Leo! =D
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:37 pm: *waves*
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[Photon S] 5:38 pm: I won an adult portfolio, but couldn't redeem it, so I got that sketch instead.
[Tooth or Dare]: NelsonJ has left at 5:38 pm
[Photon S] 5:38 pm: Anyway... since when do 3rd-edition feats have trees?
[MizunoSailorMercury] 5:38 pm: Heyo Leo
[Photon S] 5:38 pm: And Sense Gender is in the same line as that other Sense shit.. Sense Motive, etc.
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:38 pm: Sense mullet
[Seph] 5:38 pm: Oh, shit. Are we talking about DnD?!
[Photon S] 5:38 pm: Wow. I can say shit.
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:38 pm: kiddo kiddo i wish i was you i really do
[Thunderbird1] 5:39 pm: Here's a secret: I don't follow D&D
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:39 pm: at this moment anyway
[Thunderbird1] 5:39 pm: I'm so asheamed
[Kiddo Cabbusses] 5:39 pm: Why?
[Photon S] 5:39 pm: omg leo wins =(
[Photon S] 5:39 pm: http://www.eponisdumb.com/aliciar/photos/picture10.jpg
[Tooth or Dare]: Jamie Lee has entered at 5:39 pm
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:39 pm: :D You have the best pranking material at your FEET
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:39 pm: o.
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:39 pm: the things I could do *__*
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:39 pm: *yo.
[Tooth or Dare]: TaeshiLH has left at 5:40 pm
[Jamie Lee] 5:40 pm: Howdy
[Photon S] 5:40 pm: Hiya.
[Kiddo Cabbusses] 5:40 pm: I'm not sure what you mean, but... if you say so...
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:40 pm: Kiddo Cabbages.
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:40 pm: come on, angsting squishwhore. It's obvious.
[Photon S] 5:40 pm: i liek milk
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:40 pm: THE MANY PLANS.
[Thunderbird1] 5:40 pm: Cabbage Patch Kiddo
[Thunderbird1] 5:40 pm: olol
[Neo-kun] 5:41 pm: *Goes.. away* :o
[Tooth or Dare]: Evan has entered at 5:41 pm
[Kiddo Cabbusses] 5:41 pm: Oh, this has to do with Squishi? Or am I just confused?
[Jamie Lee] 5:41 pm: o.o
[Evan] 5:41 pm: So, I hear everyone's being an ass.
[Seph] 5:41 pm: Well, now that I've had my turn, I think I'll go
[Evan] 5:41 pm: >_>
[MizunoSailorMercury] 5:41 pm: Hilo Evan :o
[Seph] 5:41 pm: Later dydes
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:41 pm: Poor Kiddo.
[Seph] 5:41 pm: And dudes
[Evan] 5:41 pm: What's going on?
[Photon S] 5:41 pm: Wow. Squishi has a better social network than I thought.
[Photon S] 5:41 pm: Evan: Referring to squish?
[Evan] 5:42 pm: I'm going back to hang in pasta house in a sec, but I'm just seeing if the claims are true.
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:42 pm: Bickety bam?
[Photon S] 5:42 pm: She came in declaring that she wanted some lovin', or something like that.
[Tooth or Dare]: CrazyMrLeo has left at 5:42 pm
[Tooth or Dare]: TaeshiLH has entered at 5:42 pm
[Photon S] 5:42 pm: And then went to "omg taeshi u suk" "neil u suk" for no real reason.
[Evan] 5:42 pm: o_O;;
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:42 pm: she has a whole hooker ring, ben
[TaeshiLH] 5:42 pm: Lags are not nice ;.;
[Photon S] 5:42 pm: Generic Livejournal angst.
[TaeshiLH] 5:42 pm: Sorry!
[Evan] 5:42 pm: kthxbye
[Tooth or Dare]: Seph has left at 5:42 pm
[TaeshiLH] 5:42 pm: What'd I miss?
[Photon S] 5:42 pm: So do I, neil.
[MizunoSailorMercury] 5:42 pm: Welcome back Taeshi!
[SonKnuck] 5:42 pm: Life.
[Tooth or Dare]: Evan has entered at 5:42 pm
[Tooth or Dare]: Evan has left at 5:43 pm
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:43 pm: Yeah, but you're cool.
[Photon S] 5:43 pm: Awesome.
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:43 pm: Sort of.
[Photon S] 5:43 pm: ..
[Photon S] 5:43 pm: =(
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:43 pm: ahaha
[TaeshiLH] 5:43 pm: What happened? ;.;
[TaeshiLH] 5:43 pm: Pyo?
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:44 pm: Pasta House! seems to be the base of operations for squish whine
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:44 pm: I shall crash it
[Photon S] 5:44 pm: *posts on lj*
[Sammybeany] 5:44 pm: Oh, this is lovely.
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:44 pm: brb
[Tooth or Dare]: Neil Lafrenais has left at 5:44 pm
[Sammybeany] 5:44 pm: Panic just IMed me a second time this evening . . . accusing me of prank calling him.
[TaeshiLH] 5:44 pm: ;.;
[Photon S] 5:44 pm: Me too. I wanna see.
[TaeshiLH] 5:44 pm: .. Arghh =\
[Sammybeany] 5:44 pm: "Um, no dude. It ain't me"
[Tooth or Dare]: Photon S has left at 5:44 pm
[TaeshiLH] 5:44 pm: Why doesn't he take the hint?!
[Tooth or Dare]: Blues The Squirrel has left at 5:45 pm
[Tooth or Dare]: Sabator has entered at 5:45 pm
[Sammybeany] 5:45 pm: "WAH, WAH. WHO ELSE COULD IT BE?"
[Tooth or Dare]: Squishdiboo has left at 5:45 pm
Welcome! You have entered [Pasta House!] at 5:46 pm
[Pasta House!]: CrazyMrLeo has left at 5:46 pm
[TaeshiLH] 5:46 pm: Hi!
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:46 pm: Yo.
[TaeshiLH] 5:46 pm: ":|;;" How annoying!
[TaeshiLH] 5:46 pm: Welcome back!
[Sammybeany] 5:46 pm: "Uh, dude. It's not me. The only other people I've talked to about it are Veronica, SuitCase, Blaze, and briefly to Eyrd. Take your pick."
[Pasta House!]: Photon S has left at 5:46 pm
[Pasta House!]: Neil Lafrenais has left at 5:47 pm
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:47 pm: ahahaha
[TaeshiLH] 5:47 pm: You've talked to Blaze before? "O_O" Cool!
[Photon S] 5:47 pm: I have to pee.
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:47 pm: we chased the idiots away
[TaeshiLH] 5:47 pm: Welcome back, Sensei =D
[TaeshiLH] 5:47 pm: What happened?
[Photon S] 5:47 pm: NEO
[TaeshiLH] 5:47 pm: .. "XD;;"
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:47 pm: WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS.
[TaeshiLH] 5:47 pm: How cruel!
[Photon S] 5:47 pm: Cup your hands. =(
[TaeshiLH] 5:47 pm: Show log, though. *Hit*
[Sammybeany] 5:47 pm: Yeah, I talk to Blaze occasionally. :P
[TaeshiLH] 5:47 pm: That's awesome "O_O" How is he?
[Sammybeany] 5:47 pm: Blaze and I go way back.
[Sammybeany] 5:47 pm: He's fine. :P
[Photon S] 5:47 pm: He's pretty okay.
[Photon S] 5:47 pm: A little slow, though.
[Photon S] 5:47 pm: Needs to shave -really- badly, I may add.
[Kiddo Cabbusses] 5:48 pm: Cup your- oh, hands. Damn.
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:48 pm: ahahaha
[Photon S] 5:49 pm: omg brb
[Pasta House!]: Photon S has left at 5:49 pm
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[TaeshiLH] 5:49 pm: Welcome back, David!
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:49 pm: Hey, dave
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:49 pm: HEY DAVE
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:49 pm: DAVE
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:49 pm: guess what
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:50 pm: you're dave man