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[Evan] 5:35 pm: I'd say I'm somewhere inbetween 1 and 3.
[Evan] 5:35 pm: Sometimes 2.
[Evan] 5:36 pm: Mostly 2 when Hol is involved.
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[Blues The Squirrel] 5:36 pm: : :ball:
[Evan] 5:37 pm: So I'll just shut up and obey the football.
[Evan] 5:37 pm: :awe:
[Evan] 5:37 pm: :awe: :ball:
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[Tooth or Dare]: NelsonJ has left at 5:38 pm
[NelsonJ] 5:38 pm: Hello.
[Evan] 5:38 pm: Welcome to the stronghold that is the pasta house.
[Evan] 5:39 pm: They're here because everyone's being asses, I'm here because I heard from them that everyone is being asses.
[Squishdiboo] 5:39 pm: Welcome to crapland. Population: us.
[Evan] 5:39 pm: If it's crapland, then I must be the fricking mayor.
[Tooth or Dare]: Jamie Lee has entered at 5:39 pm
[Squishdiboo] 5:39 pm: :awe:
[Blues The Squirrel] 5:39 pm: : :ball:
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[Squishdiboo] 5:40 pm: cut it out, Blues. You're pissing me off.
[Evan] 5:40 pm: :ball:=:cash:
[Evan] 5:41 pm: I'm going in to see what's going on, stay put
[Evan] 5:41 pm: ...If ya want
[Tooth or Dare]: Evan has entered at 5:41 pm
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[Squishdiboo] 5:42 pm: The internet is starting to piss me off.
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:42 pm: WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?
[Tooth or Dare]: TaeshiLH has entered at 5:42 pm
[Blues The Squirrel] 5:42 pm: : Its called @hole evasion
[Tooth or Dare]: Seph has left at 5:42 pm
[Blues The Squirrel] 5:42 pm: : They are there, we are here
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:42 pm: Interesting tactic.
[Tooth or Dare]: Evan has entered at 5:42 pm
[Tooth or Dare]: Evan has left at 5:43 pm
[Evan] 5:43 pm: It's official: They really do hate you, Squish. Though I didn't see what was going on. Meh.
[Squishdiboo] 5:43 pm: Yeah well #$%^&* them. I hate them too.
[Blues The Squirrel] 5:43 pm: : Thanks Evan, i'm sure that makes her feel better. Oh wait, shit, no it dosent.
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[Neil Lafrenais] 5:44 pm: HEY GUYS WHAT'S GOING ON IN THIS ROOM
[Tooth or Dare]: Photon S has left at 5:44 pm
[Blues The Squirrel] 5:44 pm: : #$%^&* off
[Squishdiboo] 5:44 pm: ...
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:44 pm: roffle no
[Evan] 5:44 pm: Don't worry...I don't hate you...
[Photon S] 5:44 pm: Don't mind me. I just saw Nelson here.
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:45 pm: hello BEN
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:45 pm: no, he followed me
[Evan] 5:45 pm: ...Alrighty...
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:45 pm: I pulled his leash
[Tooth or Dare]: Blues The Squirrel has left at 5:45 pm
[Tooth or Dare]: Sabator has entered at 5:45 pm
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:45 pm: ROFFLE
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:45 pm: The hell? Was there insane drama in the chat already? XD
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:45 pm: Winner! *sonic 1 act clear music*
[Tooth or Dare]: Squishdiboo has left at 5:45 pm
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:46 pm: CONTINUE TOO
[Photon S] 5:46 pm: Damnit. I -have- to return to drama.
[Photon S] 5:46 pm: After leaving the Furry community, which was nothing -but- drama.
[Photon S] 5:46 pm: I CAN'T WIN =(
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:46 pm: Don't worry ben
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:46 pm: TO THE OTHER CHAT OR SOMETHING! *onwards*
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