Welcome! You have entered [The Great MC Chat] at 5:13 pm
[Notebook] 5:13 pm: Star Fox Assault was released on VD.
[Notebook] 5:13 pm: yo
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:13 pm: ANNOYING BIRD
[NelsonJ] 5:13 pm: Yeah.
[Notebook] 5:14 pm: Reminds me of the Starfox 64 in a Nutshell flash.
[NelsonJ] 5:14 pm: Ben will want to lynch me for saying this...but I'm just not motivated to get Star Fox Assault right now.
[The Great MC Chat]: Toxic has entered at 5:14 pm
[The Great MC Chat]: Toxic has left at 5:14 pm
[Photon S] 5:14 pm: You and an army, Nel.
[The Great MC Chat]: Toxic has entered at 5:14 pm
[Photon S] 5:14 pm: I'm trying to rent it.
[Toxic] 5:15 pm: Whoo Ha!
[Notebook] 5:15 pm: Hey Toxic
[Notebook] 5:15 pm: Wal-Mart doesn't even have it :\
[NelsonJ] 5:15 pm: Of course, that's becasue I don't have money and now I'm saving up for Wario Ware Twisted. :P
[Notebook] 5:15 pm: I don't even have enough moneis anyway
[Photon S] 5:15 pm: Because I'm the only person on the planet that doesn't hate the character designs.
[DiscoChao] 5:15 pm: Hi Toxic
[Notebook] 5:15 pm: *money
[Photon S] 5:15 pm: I might buy Touched after school today.
[NelsonJ] 5:16 pm: I don't hate the designs, really. They're different, but it could be much worse.
[Notebook] 5:16 pm: I do prefer the SSBM models, but the Namco models are good too. From what I've seen anyway.
[Photon S] 5:16 pm: I dunno. The SSBM models look kinda off to me now.
[Photon S] 5:16 pm: The Assault models just seem so slick and neato.
[Photon S] 5:16 pm: With that nice Namco flair to them.
[Photon S] 5:17 pm: Searching for hidden Rally X flags in stages = win, I may add.
[Notebook] 5:19 pm: has song from iPod commercial in his head all of a sudden
[NelsonJ] 5:19 pm: Which one?
[The Great MC Chat]: Scarz.T.Echidna has entered at 5:19 pm
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:19 pm: SSBM made my SSB memories cry. =P
[Sz] 5:19 pm: Hey, Toxic!
[NelsonJ] 5:19 pm: Why?
[Notebook] 5:20 pm: the one with the dancing girl in the skirt.
[TaeshiLH] 5:20 pm: Hi, Scarz! Hi, Toxic!
[Notebook] 5:20 pm: yo
[Scarz.T.Echidna] 5:20 pm: Hi
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:20 pm: It was... less fun. The control was worse, the new characters were mostly clones. I mean, it looked and sounde dcool but it was still... bleh.
[Toxic] 5:20 pm: yo
[NelsonJ] 5:20 pm: I liked the controls.
[Notebook] 5:20 pm: But it has the Ice Climbers!
[Photon S] 5:20 pm: SSBM isn't fun for me to play anymore, frankly.
[Scarz.T.Echidna] 5:20 pm: Oh I dunno. I thought it was ok.
[Photon S] 5:21 pm: It's become way too technical.
[Toxic] 5:21 pm: I have to go now. My planet needs me.
[TaeshiLH] 5:21 pm: .. ";_;"
[TaeshiLH] 5:21 pm: Okay..
[TaeshiLH] 5:21 pm: Bye, Toxic!
[The Great MC Chat]: Toxic has left at 5:21 pm
[TaeshiLH] 5:21 pm: GOOD LUCK.
[TaeshiLH] 5:21 pm: GOD SPEED.
[TaeshiLH] 5:21 pm: .. Darn XD
[Notebook] 5:21 pm: poochie no
[The Great MC Chat]: Evan has entered at 5:21 pm
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:21 pm: SSB was just like... a grandslam, and SSBM couldn't cut the mustard.
[NelsonJ] 5:21 pm: It doesn't really have to be technically. You can still spam B-Button attacks and such.
[TaeshiLH] 5:21 pm: HE IS TOO QUICK ":|"
[TaeshiLH] 5:21 pm: Hi, Evan!
[NelsonJ] 5:21 pm: ...until the Capcom and SNK croud shows up.
[Evan] 5:21 pm: HOLY CRUD, I missed it. Now it's packed.
[NelsonJ] 5:21 pm: Then you're dead, if they decide to play.
[The Great MC Chat]: Domokun has entered at 5:22 pm
[Notebook] 5:22 pm: halo
[Photon S] 5:22 pm: Or you play against any fur fan, Nel.
[Evan] 5:22 pm: Finally, if I might add
[Photon S] 5:22 pm: Playing SSBM at Furcon = WORST MISTAKE EVAR
[Gold] 5:22 pm: Don't mix metahpors, Leo. It's a crime against nature.
[Domokun] 5:22 pm: haaalooooo
[Notebook] 5:22 pm: ...!
[Scarz.T.Echidna] 5:22 pm: Hi
[Evan] 5:22 pm: Hi.
[Photon S] 5:22 pm: They will beat your face with Fox and Falco.
[NelsonJ] 5:22 pm: Erf.
[Gold] 5:22 pm: Metaphors.
[Notebook] 5:22 pm: wait
[Notebook] 5:22 pm: :!
[Evan] 5:22 pm: I scanned a doodle I did of myself. I draw quite cartoonishly.
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:22 pm: I'LL MIX YOU
[Photon S] 5:23 pm: It was an even worse mistake than playing DDR against a guy in a dragon fursuit.
[Domokun] 5:23 pm: brown is the color of poop
[Evan] 5:23 pm: does the Scanner Shuffle.
[Sz] 5:23 pm: I'll mix YOUR FACE
[Evan] 5:23 pm: IT IS ZOMG!?
[The Great MC Chat]: DiscoChao has left at 5:23 pm
[Notebook] 5:23 pm: I'm so glad I don't take SSBM seriously though. Button mashing is more fun and hilarious than being all "serious"
[Evan] 5:23 pm: I will be here all night, chances are.
[Evan] 5:23 pm: I AM LIFELESS ;_;
[Notebook] 5:23 pm: And wavedashing and such.
[Notebook] 5:23 pm: HAHA
[Scarz.T.Echidna] 5:24 pm: slinks away
[TaeshiLH] 5:24 pm: .. DOMOKUN "O_O"
[Photon S] 5:24 pm: I saw two people at FC using Luigi against each other on Final Destination.
[TaeshiLH] 5:24 pm: Hi!
[Photon S] 5:24 pm: It was... stupidly epic.
[Notebook] 5:24 pm: awesome
[Photon S] 5:24 pm: They both got each other to like.. 400%.
[Domokun] 5:24 pm: hi
[Evan] 5:24 pm: Wow
[TaeshiLH] 5:24 pm: How.. totally late of me ":|"
[TaeshiLH] 5:24 pm: Hiii ;.;
[Notebook] 5:24 pm: awesome
[Photon S] 5:24 pm: It made me sad.
[Evan] 5:24 pm: My sister got me to 700% once...And I didn't lose a life
[NelsonJ] 5:25 pm: Wow. Epic indeed.
[Evan] 5:25 pm: I kicked her ass.
[Photon S] 5:25 pm: How they were able to dodge each other so effectively.
[Photon S] 5:25 pm: It was like an art form.
[Notebook] 5:25 pm: o_O
[Sammybeany] 5:25 pm: Wow. That Squishi drama thread is awesome.
[Domokun] 5:25 pm: i get recognition by taeshi
[Domokun] 5:25 pm: holy crap
[Photon S] 5:25 pm: And that damn wave-dashing..
[Photon S] 5:25 pm: Oh man.
[Domokun] 5:25 pm: im a god
[Photon S] 5:25 pm: One of them referred to wave dashing as "sex kicking"
[Evan] 5:25 pm: CPU Luigis are dumb; usually they use Green Missle as a comeback when you'd want to use the jump for a vertical recover.
[Sammybeany] 5:25 pm: I don't know how people can take themselves so seriously.
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:26 pm: grooooooooan, is that still going?
[Notebook] 5:26 pm: Actually
[Diabloid] 5:26 pm: takes over your MEGAHURTZ
[Diabloid] 5:26 pm: /nick Diab
[Notebook] 5:26 pm: sex kicking is just referring to the normal kick.
[Scarz.T.Echidna] 5:26 pm: What's still going?
[Diabloid] 5:26 pm: lol
[Evan] 5:26 pm: I don't see what the big deal was last night with Squishi, though; it was just her being her. But I'm not talking about that.
[NelsonJ] 5:26 pm: Yeah. I've only played against my Nephew, who's main strategy is to pick the cheapest character in the game and spam the same attack repeatedly.
[Notebook] 5:26 pm: normal air kick
[Photon S] 5:26 pm: Nel.
[Photon S] 5:26 pm: Fighters Megamix.
[Photon S] 5:26 pm: Pai.
[Evan] 5:26 pm: takes over the intergalactic one: URANUSHURTZ
[Photon S] 5:26 pm: Mash Kick repeatedly.
[Photon S] 5:26 pm: HURT
[Photon S] 5:27 pm: Kid that resets match when you get him down to half his life because he thinks you're a duck.
[NelsonJ] 5:27 pm: Especially when he played Budokai III. :P
[NelsonJ] 5:27 pm: He tends to pick guys like Kid Buu.
[NelsonJ] 5:27 pm: Or Omega Shenron. :P
[Notebook] 5:27 pm: Ice Climbers > Kid Buu probably
[NelsonJ] 5:28 pm: It's Budokai, HM.
[Domokun] 5:28 pm: mooka
[Notebook] 5:28 pm: I know. I was just being a fanboy
[Notebook] 5:29 pm: o.ok@McDonalds Commercial
[NelsonJ] 5:29 pm: Unless it gets technical, fights consist of two guys using the P+P+P+P+E Combo.
[TaeshiLH] 5:29 pm: Late once more: Of course you get recognition XD
[TaeshiLH] 5:29 pm: You're just a name that pops into my head instantly ":|"
[Evan] 5:29 pm: I <3 Ice Climbers.
[NelsonJ] 5:29 pm: In all technicality, you don't have to even use button combos. :P
[Sammybeany] 5:30 pm: Lil X Domokun
[Notebook] 5:30 pm: yay another IC user
[TaeshiLH] 5:30 pm: NONONO ":|"
[Evan] 5:30 pm: Meeep.
[TaeshiLH] 5:30 pm: Don't make me weep, Sammy ;.;
[Photon S] 5:30 pm: I use Marth and Dr. Mario.
[Photon S] 5:30 pm: Fuck Roy.
[Notebook] 5:30 pm: My Dad is a Rock Star... :\
[NelsonJ] 5:30 pm: And you could still win if you're using a character with loads of Ki by Default. :P
[Photon S] 5:30 pm: =)
[Sammybeany] 5:30 pm: LIL, YOU WHORE. ::Watches as lil throws a fit and leaves The Moogle Cavern::
[Notebook] 5:30 pm: Yeah, well, Fuck Marth.
[Photon S] 5:30 pm: keke
[TaeshiLH] 5:30 pm: WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN TO ME ">______<" *Hit*
[Notebook] 5:30 pm: Hey, the censor thing is gone
[Evan] 5:31 pm: I finally got around to posting a drawing I did. I hope it's acceptable by the harsh MC standards...And that you don't disown me for the craptastic hands I do...
[Photon S] 5:31 pm: *returns to his gay MarthXRoy lemons*
[Sammybeany] 5:31 pm: No, that's your cue to go "YOU DON'T FUCKING KNOW ME"
[Sammybeany] 5:31 pm: :P
[TaeshiLH] 5:31 pm: "XDDD"
[Sammybeany] 5:31 pm: Poor Squishi.
[Photon S] 5:31 pm: ..
[Notebook] 5:31 pm: ...
[Photon S] 5:31 pm: YOU DON'T FUCKING KNOW ME
[Evan] 5:31 pm: FUCK SHIT HAHAHA ETC
[NelsonJ] 5:31 pm: Yay. You can say fuck now!
[Nik Jam III] 5:31 pm: speaking of knowing
[Sammybeany] 5:31 pm: Indeed.
[TaeshiLH] 5:31 pm: Wow "O__O"
[Nik Jam III] 5:31 pm: who the hell are you guys
[TaeshiLH] 5:31 pm: A new step!
[Evan] 5:32 pm: I am me.
[Sammybeany] 5:32 pm: I'm Sammy Cat. ;.;
[Evan] 5:32 pm: Hi.
[Domokun] 5:32 pm: mooa
[Photon S] 5:32 pm: I'm Alicia Retba---
[Nik Jam III] 5:32 pm: I only remember a Sammy the person
[Photon S] 5:32 pm: ERM. Ben.
[Nik Jam III] 5:32 pm: and not very well
[Sammybeany] 5:32 pm: Notebook is Staroxide
[Photon S] 5:32 pm: Sorry. Reflex.
[Domokun] 5:32 pm: im popular
[Notebook] 5:32 pm: I think everyone knows now.
[Domokun] 5:32 pm: bitches
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:32 pm: STRAW OXEN
[Nik Jam III] 5:32 pm: At sonic fan gay HQ?
[Nik Jam III] 5:33 pm: lol i put gay
[Nik Jam III] 5:33 pm: instead of games
[Evan] 5:33 pm: Creative.
[Notebook] 5:33 pm: You're obsessed with that name aren't you
[Evan] 5:33 pm: Hahaha.
[Domokun] 5:33 pm: nik you are so witty
[Photon S] 5:33 pm: loool am i rite
[Notebook] 5:33 pm: x-box gaems
[The Great MC Chat]: zztman has entered at 5:34 pm
[TaeshiLH] 5:34 pm: .. Hi!
[TaeshiLH] 5:34 pm: .. Person I never met before o.o
[zztman] 5:34 pm: Moh.
[Photon S] 5:34 pm: Hi.
[TaeshiLH] 5:34 pm: .. Moh "O_O"
[NelsonJ] 5:34 pm: Hello.
[Scarz.T.Echidna] 5:34 pm: Hi
[TaeshiLH] 5:34 pm: Deja vu!
[Sammybeany] 5:34 pm: :O
[NelsonJ] 5:34 pm: Don't worry, he's with me. :P
[Domokun] 5:34 pm: heeellloooooooo
[Notebook] 5:34 pm: That reminds me of this one post at GameFAQs about Antman being able to kill Superman by shrinking and put krpyonite up his butt
[Photon S] 5:34 pm: That's what scares us.
[NelsonJ] 5:34 pm: He's cool. :P
[The Great MC Chat]: Thunderbird1 has entered at 5:34 pm
[Notebook] 5:34 pm: oh and yo.
[Photon S] 5:34 pm: Atom Ant?
[zztman] 5:35 pm: >_> I'm from #srb2.
[Notebook] 5:35 pm: No, Antman or something.
[Thunderbird1] 5:35 pm: Captain Atom?
[TaeshiLH] 5:35 pm: .. Weird O.O
[TaeshiLH] 5:35 pm: .. Ohh! Okay!
[TaeshiLH] 5:35 pm: Hello person! =D
[David The Lurker] 5:35 pm: The Atom?
[Thunderbird1] 5:35 pm: Hello
[Sammybeany] 5:35 pm: slaps Lil
[Diabloid] 5:35 pm: no
[Sammybeany] 5:35 pm: Stop being so friendly. :|
[Notebook] 5:35 pm: I think it was a marvel character. I dunno, the guy who posted it was a rabid fanboy so eh.
[zztman] 5:35 pm: *pulls out a bomb and tosses it
[zztman] 5:36 pm: *
[Notebook] 5:36 pm: is hit by bomb
[Nik Jam III] 5:36 pm: ":|
[TaeshiLH] 5:36 pm: ";____;"
[Thunderbird1] 5:36 pm: I think I know who you're talking about
[TaeshiLH] 5:36 pm: SCREW YOU, SAMMY.
[Diabloid] 5:36 pm: ;-;
[NelsonJ] 5:36 pm: Poor HM. :P
[Notebook] 5:36 pm: loses 47 HP
[Nik Jam III] 5:36 pm: forgot the other "
[Thunderbird1] 5:36 pm: I forget who it is, though
[Photon S] 5:36 pm: Ooh! Screw me!
[TaeshiLH] 5:36 pm: Better? ;.; *Hit*
[Diabloid] 5:36 pm: youre a bit foward, taeshi
[zztman] 5:36 pm: Screw your mother.
[TaeshiLH] 5:36 pm: Etc etc.
[Photon S] 5:37 pm: :[
[The Great MC Chat]: Ed has entered at 5:37 pm
[Sammybeany] 5:37 pm: . . . ;.;
[Diabloid] 5:37 pm: ED hi
[Notebook] 5:37 pm: Hey Ed.
[Evan] 5:37 pm: The way I draw hands will give Taeshi self-confidence. :cry:
[Scarz.T.Echidna] 5:37 pm: Hi
[TaeshiLH] 5:37 pm: I'm sorry ;.;
[The Great MC Chat]: Neil Lafrenais has entered at 5:37 pm
[Ed] 5:37 pm: Hey hey hey.
[TaeshiLH] 5:37 pm: Hi, Ed! =D
[The Great MC Chat]: Gecko Yamori has left at 5:37 pm
[TaeshiLH] 5:37 pm: Hi, Sensei!
[Evan] 5:37 pm: Oh, and HI.
[TaeshiLH] 5:37 pm: Bye Gecko ;.;
[Evan] 5:37 pm: HI TO EVERYONE.
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:37 pm: Ship...
[Ed] 5:37 pm: Tell me next time you guys are going Truths or Dares.
[Thunderbird1] 5:37 pm: Hey Ed
[Sammybeany] 5:37 pm: :|
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:37 pm: out of danger?
[TaeshiLH] 5:37 pm: *Annoys Sammy* ": DDDDD"
[Thunderbird1] 5:38 pm: I think that might be dead
[Ed] 5:38 pm: I need to dare people to make me more avatars.
[Notebook] 5:38 pm: yo
[Ed] 5:38 pm: ;)
[Thunderbird1] 5:38 pm: heh
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:38 pm: How are you annoying Sammy, monstar?
[Photon S] 5:38 pm: http://cer.ath.cx/~Iceo/Art/aliciameansyes.jpg - This is why I don't draw anymore.
[The Great MC Chat]: Neil Lafrenais has left at 5:38 pm
[Ed] 5:38 pm: I don't get it.
[Photon S] 5:38 pm: GOGO OPENCANVAS
[Photon S] 5:38 pm: OKAY
[Sammybeany] 5:38 pm: She's being overly riendly to everyone that enters the chat.
[TaeshiLH] 5:39 pm: I was just joking.. he thought me greeting was annoying XD He's joking.. so I played along and stuff.
[Sammybeany] 5:39 pm: Even people she does not know.
[Sammybeany] 5:39 pm: *friendly.
[Ed] 5:39 pm: So?
[Ed] 5:39 pm: You some kind of emo? ;p
[Sammybeany] 5:39 pm: SHE'S TOO FRIENDLY.
[TaeshiLH] 5:39 pm: ";_;" But it's nice to greet people.
[TaeshiLH] 5:39 pm: It's courteous and stuff.
[Photon S] 5:39 pm: I'm Emo! =)
[Thunderbird1] 5:40 pm: It's nice to be nice, really
[Ed] 5:40 pm: GO CUT YOURSELF. EMOS. >:|
[Sammybeany] 5:40 pm: Yes. I cut myself because the blood is pretty and it inspires my poetry. ;.;
[TaeshiLH] 5:40 pm: I tried being mean beforrrre XD Did I do a bad job?
[Notebook] 5:40 pm: ...y'know, I always thought emo were people who wore those hot black rimmed glasses.
[Photon S] 5:40 pm: OKAY =((((
[TaeshiLH] 5:40 pm: I personally feel a little awkward ":||||" I hope that didn't sound too mean.
[Photon S] 5:40 pm: *posts on Livejournal*
[Scarz.T.Echidna] 5:40 pm: watches
[The Great MC Chat]: Evan has left at 5:40 pm
[Thunderbird1] 5:40 pm: omg i r emo n listn to linkn park
[The Great MC Chat]: Neil Lafrenais has entered at 5:40 pm
[Photon S] 5:40 pm: mood : depressed
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:40 pm: God dammit you guys
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:40 pm: A HINT
[Photon S] 5:41 pm: listening to : linkin park - numb
[Sammybeany] 5:41 pm: I should totally link that MP3 of me singing Dashboard Confessional.
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:41 pm: Go in the fucking T&D chat.
[Ed] 5:41 pm: Truth or Mayor?
[Sammybeany] 5:41 pm: It's GRATE.
[Ed] 5:41 pm: Is that some sort of Political Thriller Movie?
[Neil Lafrenais] 5:41 pm: just get in
[Thunderbird1] 5:41 pm: If not, it should be
[The Great MC Chat]: Ed has left at 5:41 pm
[NelsonJ] 5:41 pm: If you say so. :P
[Photon S] 5:41 pm: my mom yelled @ me again 2day im gonna slit my wrists leave comments plz
[The Great MC Chat]: NelsonJ has left at 5:41 pm
[Photon S] 5:41 pm: :(
[The Great MC Chat]: NelsonJ has entered at 5:41 pm
[The Great MC Chat]: Neil Lafrenais has left at 5:42 pm
[TaeshiLH] 5:42 pm: .. I'll join!
[TaeshiLH] 5:42 pm: I'm in the mood for some cruelty XD As in.. people asking me stuff.
[TaeshiLH] 5:42 pm: Since I suck at Truth or Dares.
[TaeshiLH] 5:42 pm: Okay.. see you ;.;!
[The Great MC Chat]: TaeshiLH has left at 5:42 pm
[The Great MC Chat]: SuitCase has entered at 5:42 pm
[NelsonJ] 5:42 pm: nel: u shud kill ur mom.
[Photon S] 5:42 pm: Okay!
[Sz] 5:43 pm: Hi luggage
[Photon S] 5:43 pm: SUITCASE
[SuitCase] 5:43 pm: Oh, it feels so good to have a computer better than any of yours :|
[Photon S] 5:43 pm: =(
[Thunderbird1] 5:43 pm: Thanks for taking orange, Nelson. I needed to switch back to pink anyway
[Notebook] 5:43 pm: Eh. I have to go around six anyway. Might as well do something.
[SuitCase] 5:43 pm: Well, not really.
[SuitCase] 5:43 pm: But this chat still lags!
[Sz] 5:43 pm: That's not saying much on my end!
[Sammybeany] 5:43 pm: After you broke your last one.
[Nik Jam III] 5:43 pm: SuitCase
[Notebook] 5:43 pm: He's sadly right.
[Nik Jam III] 5:43 pm: how do you have a better computer
[The Great MC Chat]: Notebook has left at 5:43 pm
[Sammybeany] 5:43 pm: He got a new Powerbook.
[Nik Jam III] 5:43 pm: oh
[Sammybeany] 5:44 pm: And that makes him leet and condescending.
[Nik Jam III] 5:44 pm: So
[The Great MC Chat]: Thunderbird1 has left at 5:44 pm
[The Great MC Chat]: Scarz.T.Echidna has left at 5:44 pm
[Nik Jam III] 5:44 pm: Why are not we going to Truth or Mayor
[Sammybeany] 5:44 pm: IT RUNS ON LUNIX. Minus the "L"
[SuitCase] 5:44 pm: It truly is a superior operating system :|
[The Great MC Chat]: Gold has left at 5:44 pm
[SuitCase] 5:44 pm: AND THE KEYBOARD GLOWS.
[Nik Jam III] 5:44 pm: o_o
[The Great MC Chat]: Artemus Wolf has entered at 5:45 pm
[SuitCase] 5:45 pm: Anyway, I must depart. I'm supposed to be in the Truth or Dare chat.
[Artemus Wolf] 5:45 pm: http://www.mooglemb.com/viewtopic.php?t=17412
[The Great MC Chat]: SuitCase has left at 5:45 pm
[Artemus Wolf] 5:45 pm: It's like some sort of variety show for retards.
[The Great MC Chat]: Aaron the Waterhog has entered at 5:45 pm
[The Great MC Chat]: Sammybeany has left at 5:45 pm
[Sz] 5:46 pm: XD Mulletman
[Artemus Wolf] 5:46 pm: Wait, just realized I don't have my color set up.
[Artemus Wolf] 5:46 pm: Okay.
[The Great MC Chat]: Photon S has left at 5:46 pm
[The Great MC Chat]: Aaron the Waterhog has left at 5:46 pm
[Sz] 5:47 pm: Damnable truth or dare
[The Great MC Chat]: Mightfox has entered at 5:47 pm
[Sz] 5:47 pm: Will it NEVER END?
[Mightfox] 5:48 pm: Huh?
[Sz] 5:48 pm: (answer to rhetorical question: Yes.)
[Artemus Wolf] 5:48 pm: Pasta is lamenting the consistence of the ToD games.
[Mightfox] 5:48 pm: Ah
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:48 pm: Zuhwhat ToD, eh?
[Mightfox] 5:48 pm: hops from room to room.
[The Great MC Chat]: Mightfox has left at 5:48 pm
[Sz] 5:48 pm: ...
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:49 pm: hmm..
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:49 pm: actually
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:49 pm: on second thought
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:49 pm: ToD goes
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:49 pm: really really really
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:49 pm: slowly in this chat. =P
[Sz] 5:49 pm: Yes
[Artemus Wolf] 5:49 pm: ...so I've noticed.
[Sz] 5:49 pm: Because most of the time ...
[zztman] 5:49 pm: Hubba hubba zoot zoot.
[Sz] 5:49 pm: Half the people in there usually are just there to chat
[Sz] 5:50 pm: As there's NO ACTIVITY ANYWHERE ELSE
[The Great MC Chat]: Diabloid has left at 5:50 pm
[zztman] 5:50 pm: Num.
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:50 pm: Not to mention that the dares are all "HEY POST A TOPIC"
[zztman] 5:50 pm: Deba uba zat zat.
[zztman] 5:50 pm: Num.
[Sz] 5:50 pm: So we extract our revenge by making ToD really slow
[Sz] 5:50 pm: XD ... that too
[Artemus Wolf] 5:50 pm: ...hey, I didn't know we had our own scatter.
[The Great MC Chat]: Scarz.T.Echidna has left at 5:50 pm
[zztman] 5:50 pm: A hoorepa-hoorepa, a-huh-hoorepa, a num num.
[zztman] 5:50 pm: A-num.
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:51 pm: Scat her? I just met her!
[The Great MC Chat]: NelsonJ has left at 5:51 pm
[The Great MC Chat]: Notebook has left at 5:51 pm
[Artemus Wolf] 5:51 pm: *ba-dum pssh*
[The Great MC Chat]: NeroMan has entered at 5:51 pm
[Sz] 5:51 pm: ...
[Sz] 5:51 pm: Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[NeroMan] 5:51 pm: yup
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:52 pm: Nero Di Janiero
[Sz] 5:52 pm: uuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
[Sz] 5:52 pm: ssssssssssssssss
[NeroMan] 5:52 pm: I totally always look awesome singing backwards metal
[The Great MC Chat]: Nik Jam III has left at 5:52 pm
[The Great MC Chat]: zztman has left at 5:52 pm
[NeroMan] 5:52 pm: okay
[The Great MC Chat]: SuitCase has left at 5:52 pm
[The Great MC Chat]: SuitCase has entered at 5:52 pm
[Sz] 5:52 pm: Hmm
[Sz] 5:52 pm: You know what
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:52 pm: What?
[Sz] 5:52 pm: We could use the chatrooms on the side for all sorts of stuff
[The Great MC Chat]: SuitCase has left at 5:52 pm
[NeroMan] 5:52 pm: I am an okay guy?
[Sz] 5:53 pm: Like... lyric guessing games an stuff
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:53 pm: They're awesome.
[Sz] 5:53 pm: NAME THAT SONG, etc
[The Great MC Chat]: Notebook has entered at 5:53 pm
[NeroMan] 5:53 pm: yes Sz, we've already had a ton of fun with side chatrooms
[The Great MC Chat]: Notebook has left at 5:53 pm
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:53 pm: It's like an anonymous chat. XD
[NeroMan] 5:53 pm: Geisha Jeanette's Wet and Wild _____
[Sz] 5:53 pm: Um... sure
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:53 pm: DAMN TRUTH OR DARE
[Sz] 5:53 pm: But not for anything really impressive ... well
[Sz] 5:54 pm: Apart from the 8674 Pasta Houses
[Sz] 5:54 pm: That one time
[Artemus Wolf] 5:54 pm: ...y'know, how about just plain Geisha Jeannete's Wet and Wild?
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:54 pm: ...
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:54 pm: XD
[Artemus Wolf] 5:54 pm: Summer fun for the whole lesbian family!
[Domokun] 5:54 pm: i saw lesbian
[NeroMan] 5:54 pm: no way
[NeroMan] 5:55 pm: was see lesbianing?
[The Great MC Chat]: Domokun has left at 5:55 pm
[NeroMan] 5:55 pm: that's hot
[The Great MC Chat]: CrazyMrLeo has left at 5:55 pm
[Artemus Wolf] 5:55 pm: Anyway, I done hear Tekken 5's out now.
[NeroMan] 5:56 pm: I never loved the 3D fighters
[The Great MC Chat]: CrazyMrLeo has entered at 5:56 pm
[Artemus Wolf] 5:56 pm: Well, I like this one.
[NeroMan] 5:56 pm: aside from Rival Schoolhouse Rock
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:56 pm: I'll miss you meatbag
[Sz] 5:56 pm: PINK
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:56 pm: MUST FIND A FONT COLOUR
[The Great MC Chat]: NeroMan has left at 5:56 pm
[Artemus Wolf] 5:56 pm: ...wow. That'd be awesome.
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:56 pm: Hmm
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:56 pm: Hey, I kind of dig on this one.
[The Great MC Chat]: Aaron the Waterhog has left at 5:56 pm
[Sz] 5:57 pm: Only slightly pink!
[Sz] 5:57 pm: Actually
[Sz] 5:57 pm: That looks like a good,
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:57 pm: More... carnation.
[Sz] 5:57 pm: sexual
[Sz] 5:57 pm: color.
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:57 pm: Like, the heraldry carnation
[Sz] 5:57 pm: Perfect for sex!
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:58 pm: ...
[Sz] 5:58 pm: ...
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:58 pm: :69:
[Artemus Wolf] 5:58 pm: ....hm.
[Sz] 5:58 pm: Leo = Sex = :69:
[Artemus Wolf] 5:58 pm: :D?
[Sz] 5:58 pm: Hmm
[Artemus Wolf] 5:58 pm: No.
[The Great MC Chat]: Thunderbird1 has left at 5:58 pm
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:58 pm: Solve for sex.
[The Great MC Chat]: Photon S has left at 5:58 pm
[Sz] 5:58 pm: XD
[Artemus Wolf] 5:58 pm: >.>
[Sz] 5:58 pm: We need to expand the system of equations
[The Great MC Chat]: Jamie Lee has left at 5:59 pm
[Artemus Wolf] 5:59 pm: Trying to find something purple that won't look illegible and/or gay.
[David The Lurker] 5:59 pm: Sex = :69:/Leo
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:59 pm: Yeah, the colour options are kind of weird.
[CrazyMrLeo] 5:59 pm: Partial credit.
[David The Lurker] 6:00 pm: Was I supposed to carry the one?
[The Great MC Chat]: Sz has left at 6:00 pm
[Artemus Wolf] 6:00 pm: o.o
[Artemus Wolf] 6:00 pm: That...sort of works.
[CrazyMrLeo] 6:00 pm: I hate to think what's happening in EURO Itchy and Scratchy land
[The Great MC Chat]: Jamie Lee has left at 6:01 pm
[The Great MC Chat]: Jamie Lee has entered at 6:01 pm
[CrazyMrLeo] 6:01 pm: Kind of.
[The Great MC Chat]: Jamie Lee has left at 6:01 pm
[CrazyMrLeo] 6:01 pm: wb.
[CrazyMrLeo] 6:01 pm: or not.
[CrazyMrLeo] 6:01 pm: It's not so purple, though ;_;
[Artemus Wolf] 6:01 pm: ?
[CrazyMrLeo] 6:01 pm: Try the one in the bottom left corner.
[Artemus Wolf] 6:01 pm: No.
[The Great MC Chat]: Sz has entered at 6:01 pm
[Artemus Wolf] 6:01 pm: This is Matrixx color though.
[Sz] 6:02 pm: ...
[Artemus Wolf] 6:02 pm: Or do you mean this?
[Sz] 6:02 pm: Uh.
[Sz] 6:02 pm: Anyway!
[CrazyMrLeo] 6:02 pm: That one, I meant
[CrazyMrLeo] 6:02 pm: the one to the right of the black column
[Artemus Wolf] 6:02 pm: Ohohoho.
[Artemus Wolf] 6:02 pm: Victoly.
[Sz] 6:02 pm: This one isn't bad
[Sz] 6:02 pm: But I'm gren
[Sz] 6:02 pm: GREN
[Sz] 6:03 pm: GREN I SAY
[The Great MC Chat]: Jamie Lee has left at 6:03 pm
[The Great MC Chat]: Jamie Lee has entered at 6:03 pm
[The Great MC Chat]: Jamie Lee has left at 6:03 pm
[CrazyMrLeo] 6:03 pm: mmm... gren.
[CrazyMrLeo] 6:03 pm: QUANTUM JAMIE
[CrazyMrLeo] 6:03 pm: IS SHE HERE? IS SHE NOT?
[CrazyMrLeo] 6:03 pm: *quantum Jamie song continues*
[Artemus Wolf] 6:03 pm: moh
[Sz] 6:04 pm: If we know here position, we cannot know her acceleration
[Sz] 6:04 pm: *her
[Sz] 6:04 pm: And vice versa!
[Sz] 6:04 pm: Truly a conundrum!
[The Great MC Chat]: Yajirobe has entered at 6:04 pm
[CrazyMrLeo] 6:04 pm: Yo yo yo
[CrazyMrLeo] 6:04 pm: Damn science!
[Artemus Wolf] 6:04 pm: Yajy B in da hizouse.
[CrazyMrLeo] 6:04 pm: We can send a man to the moon
[Sz] 6:05 pm: Hi aj
[CrazyMrLeo] 6:05 pm: But we can't put metal in a microwave
[Sz] 6:05 pm: Yaj
[CrazyMrLeo] 6:05 pm: Or find out where the hell Jamie is.
[CrazyMrLeo] 6:05 pm: Also: What's the deal with metal and microwaves.
[CrazyMrLeo] 6:06 pm: Is metal, like... allergic to microwaves?
[Sz] 6:06 pm: XD
[Sz] 6:06 pm: Um
[Sz] 6:06 pm: I don't.. know
[CrazyMrLeo] 6:06 pm: WELL, FIND OUT!
[Sz] 6:06 pm: Tinfoil works out though
[Sz] 6:06 pm: It's a metal!