Bonkers Sonic the Hedgehog Things

This page is all about secret Sonic the hedgehog information. Except for the other stuff.

Most of the info is about Madonna's secret garden in Sonic 2, but there is also some missing information and, finally, odd things about GameGear Sonics! Like... uhmn... how they always can't count, and lose the wrong number of rings! Yeah!

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C.A. sent me a picture of S&K manual. Check it out.

This site has the biggest collection of ...stuff ever! (Still no hoax CGI, though)

Sonic 2 secrets
This site's late and not quite so original page, but a Moogle's gotta start somewhere. Ever wonder why Wood Zone was cut? No? Too bad...
Sonic 3 mystiseries
Like: Why did Sega sell HALF of the game as seperate when it blatantly wasn't done!?
GameGear Sonic games
Not so famous, not as known, but twice as weird! GameGear Sonic games are games that pack many, many stuff SEGA doesn't want you to know... So much so, that they've hired a sniper to take you out... I wouldn't walk by any windows, if I were you...
Sonic 1 secrets
The original Sonic the hedgehog game, better known as Sonic BEFORE the Team stopped the drugs. :D
Sonic CD
Loaded with secrets that are tough to find but awesome! ...Except if you enable the debug menu, then they aren't ALL that tough to find, but it's the principle of the matter...
Sonic 2 Beta
Would the Hidden Palace be as cool if it was in the final? ...Probably, but STILL...
More strange things
Different versions of Sonic games like Sonic 3D can really be... different! You know! Like... different!
Secret obstacles & badniks
The biggest 'lost Sonic objects' library ever, right here! (Not counting his left sock...)
The Dust Hill Zone
One picture, big secret! The picture has elements from three Sonic which game was it? ...Give up? Why, Tails Adventure, stupid!
Genocide City Zone theories
It's the original name for Chemical Plant Zone. Get over it.
Sonic 3D Blast
Sonic 3D beta pics, weird- Wait, how did beta pictures of my fangame get out!?!? ...Oh, I posted them to Rlan's board, nevermind...
Sonic Adventure
The Sonic Adventure Beta Sounds. Not the ones you see on other sites...

Sonic CD 'hacking' (Better get some cough medicine)
GameGear Sonic hacking
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