You've found the first hidden page! ^_^ Probably by tabbing through the front page! ;D Hey, I didn't have time to set up some elaborate system...

Er, what, you want a prize? ...Well, what do _I_ get in return? Huh? Ever think of that? ...Oh, all right, you greedy scum. ;D

(Meaning if you take this for your site, you'd better credit me, or ELSE... ;D)

I am very proud to say the Moogle Cavern has been one of the first sites to "put it together". ;> Okay, so it's no hard proof, or all that hard to put it together, but I think it's neat. Opinions/Discussion are welcome on the MB as always.

As you may know, one of my favorite beta subjects for Sonic Adventure is a batch of pictures detailing a boss for the first Sky Chase level (as you might remember, Sonic and Tails are just shot out of the sky, no boss). This boss was a mechanical dragon, very original (and impressive looking, judging from the shots). Well, the other day I was poking through the Sound Test files, when I came up to the batch of Sky Chase sounds. I listened to them for a kick, until I got jolted to a stop. O_o What was THAT!? ...Played it again. Yup, there's a sound in the batch of Sky Chase sound effects that I don't think is used, and, you've guessed it, it sounds like a metallic dragon's howl. Want proof? Check out this sound: 35-1-12. ^_^ My MB viewers probably know this already, but ne, I hope you find it interesting. *Shrug* Thassit. End of secret page 1. ^_^