While there was a site connected to, through most of its life the website was only secondary to the community it helped spawn. Going through no less than five separate message boards before its ultimate demise, the board allowed friendships to be forged, enemies to be made, and discussion to be had. Though time has caused some of this history to be lost, there is still enough preserved to show a glimpse into the minds of those who called the cavern "home," if only for a moment.

What remains is as follows:

The standard. The classic. The one which no one could escape. Used from 2000-2002.

The third of its kind, back when we all thought Sonic still had a chance. Used from 2002-2005.

Originally set up as a temporary board, but which became the fourth. Used from 2005-2006.

The final chapter in the MoogleMB saga, a resurrected board bids farewell to old friends... Used from 2007-2008.

The MC is a cult, you cannot escape.