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Master Spriter
Posts: 108
(2/17/01 8:36:04 pm)
Battle with Cowkey?
Can someone post a link to the battle with Cowkey?

"Hey, cool! You look just like me!"-Goku, DBZ3 translation "Well, I - oops."-Matrixx, Arrival of Artemus storyboard " "Am I crazy? Nah, just insane."-Hez "And remember, *note for later: insert generic term for holiday best wishes*"-Kulock "Booyeah!"-Rlan "Wonky"-Rlan "Whooooaah nelly!"-Matrixx, tryin' DBZ hyper dimension "if you want you can fight andy..." -CML "Matrix(x) in Japanese is either Matorikkusu, Bokei, or Matorikusu (with one k)I thought your name seemed odd, Matsuriku, because that's not Matrix. o.o;" - Scott Prower "So, doing the Final Flash first, huh?" -Artemus, RP fight

CONTEST WINNERS:Krammnim (preamble) Jamie Bailey, HiroKun (Gotenks)

FYI, Matsuriku is Matrixx in japanese. Oh, and how do you like my new temporary DBZ icon?

Passively Posting
Personal Photo Hater

Posts: 880
(2/18/01 10:25:55 am)
you won't find it
it happened before I came which means that this forum wasn't here. It also means that it is now erased.

H Hog 
God of forgotten Sega consoles
Posts: 2481
(2/18/01 6:29:55 pm)
Re: you won't find it

And now... The random link of the month... The forum of Lord Ajim Sestren II!!
H Hog: ICQ number:96248384 ICQ name: Bastet (Hey, my mom wanted it that way...) Hey, nearly everyone has a scrolly quote bar now, I can't afford to be left behind... Let's begin! If "Me" means ME me, (As in ME) I'd choose me. ^_^ MMWWWEEEEEE!!! **darts off** -Me, answering the poll about who should be Amy's boyfriend, one of the answers being "ME!"** *If MY dreams come true, we're all in BIG trouble.- Lord Sestren II* *Really, you guys are just...Dickheads! -Radditz, in the English translation of the Dragonball Z RPG* *No, it's really...Togepi!-Tails 151 talking about who DarkSonic could really be* *Do not put heavy objects, such as bricks, cars, or other heavy objects on the VMU. -Dutch version of the VMU manual* *So i guess No one will be getting Shenmue then...-The Dreadknuxster* What? $15,000 for a PS2 and all I get is PONG?!?! -David the Lurker* *SHAKIE SHAKIE IGGY MAE SAY! -Perfect Chaos 0* Bartman: Its Bart on a RC Skateboard, what will they think of next? Ed: A way to kill a PS2? -Edwierdo and Bartman* *SPECIAL QUOTE OF THE WEEK: ***"Nothing dies unless you let it... - Blaze Hedgehog, commenting on the quick death of the Dreamcast...Rest In Peace.*** Want to be in MY scrolling marquee? Say something funny, and if I find it funny enough, it's in!

The God That Time Forgot!!!
Posts: 370
(3/8/01 3:15:40 pm)
Don't worry
I think it's still here.
Go to the second page of this forum and look for a thread with this title...
"A Add-on starring the members of this MB!"

If you read it all, you'll find out what's goin' on, the battle and my dramatic entrance near the end.
It was my first post EVER and it was a perfect entry.

I'm still sorry about harming Cowkey. He could still be alive though...

Roareye, still sorry about Cowkey, signing out...

Catchphrase: The future's bright... The future's Sonic... Yup, i'm doin' it again, changin' my marquee... Yup... SharkAttack chaos is practically complete, so just pop in and visit! Click on my icon for Sharkattackchaos is a chao making website with lots of my own hoaxes and my e-mail.!

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