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(3/2/01 10:29:01 pm)
As of 7:30 P.M. Pacific time, I dominate the first three topics by having replies to them! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!
(Go ahead and delete this, I really don't care. It's pointless. I'm bored.)

Born of gods, I am destined to fight. I'm not sure of my past, nor can I see the future, But I will keep treading the path I'm given, And woe be on anyone who dares stand in my way. Name: Artemus Wolf Current story status: Guarding the Earth Realm's Hidden Palace Current Ranking: Deus Ready, AIM, fire

Nik Jam The Man 
Gem Island

Posts: 1875
(3/17/01 11:56:45 pm)

Nik Jam, Sonik Jam, Chibi Jam, The Devils Kinsman, Gem Island and all related characters are (c) Nik Inc 2001. Dream On, Exciter and Violator are (c) Mute,Sire Enterprises and Depeche Mode. The Emerald Blast is a shared copyright between Nik Jam and Chaotix Emerald. Covers for the album Exciter and the Single Dream On are made my Anton Corbjin. Dream On will be release April 23rd in the UK. US date is TBA, Exciter will be out May 14th in the UK and May 15th in the US. Used without permission. Untitled Document

Destroyer of
Potatoes, Eater of
Insanity Peppers

Posts: 1355
(3/18/01 4:58:17 am)
*Spills gasoline over Artie before throwing a lighted match at him and getting the fudge out of there*


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