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(3/6/01 11:05:31 pm)
Getting stale...
Somebody else do something with this please.
EDIT: Sorry, meant to reply to the "MC Movie Side Story - The Marriage" topic. I must be tired or something.

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(3/7/01 3:58:15 am)
Re: Getting stale...
*Blinks at the topic* ... *Swallows it whole*


Heros Aeros Hoguera 
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(3/7/01 8:06:24 am)
Re: Getting stale...
Why don't any of you add on? o_O

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Wizard Moogle
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(3/7/01 2:27:03 pm)
Re: Getting stale...
for me its becouse Nics post dosent make scence

ahhhh......i am Wizard Moogle,yaaaa...this is my scrolly quote bar......i dont use many quotes tho..."This is a quote"allright.....a little about myself?noooooo....ok.this iz my sprite.....well its at the top.i dive in a moogle AND a wizard....i like...stuff.i have a wand.its can see it at the top of the are fun.i like RPGs.and i dive in poo.....did i say that already?oh well.....HOW COOL DOES IT GET!?now.....QUOTES!!!!!!!!!!!"Come my magicite prietties!Help me build the magical impire of Kefka!!"Kefka from FF6 "Wactch your mouth O' shroded one!"Locke from FF6 "WHEN I SAY COFFE YOU SAY MACHINE!!!"tom green on the MTV movie awards "I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE YOU!!!!!!!!"Kefke from FF6~~~~Wizard Moogle(whered Sephiro go?) YEEEEEEHHHHAW!!!!

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