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Registered User
(2/15/01 10:19 am)
New Post Hi-Guys!

I would like to take the time to Welcome you or invite you back to my board;

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Intense play-by-play strategies help your offense drive the ball into your opponents end zone and give you a "Steel Curtain" defense. You get a no-holds barred tips and tricks, and exclusive instructions by MAKAVELI himself.
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Edited by: MAKAVELI4322900 at: 2/15/01 10:23:42 am
The Dreadknuxster 
God of the Echidna race
(2/15/01 10:55 am)
New Post Hmmmmm...
Sounds dodgily like a plug for your MB there.... o_O

Well, here's some more of those Dreadknux flavoured phrases you all love. Don't deny you love now... "They mostly come at night, mostly" *Girl (forgotten her name) from Aliens and Eric Cartman* "For the last time, where is the mirror?" *Lan Di... ok, 'Sama', from the more than good Shenmue* "I can't believe that someone would steal a Mars bar, only to return it back an hour later! Dumbass!" *Me, after hearing one of many funny stories at school* "Taskbaaa!" *Guess, no, not Bill Gates, but my good friend, Kulock* "Baaaaaa!" *Oh, and Taskbaaa!* GOT ANY DECENT QUOTES YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE? I PERSONALLY WANT TO DO A SCROLLY BAR OF QUOTES FROM YOU GOOD PEOPLE AT THE MOOGLE CAVERN. HOW ABOUT IT. SEND ME A QUOTE BY THE 'MAIL' PICTURE ABOVE...

Tonic Hedgehog
The Jester of Boredom
(2/15/01 1:35 pm)
New Post 3 letters:

Get yer PS2 stuff outta here, since about 3/4 of the people here (including me) do not like the PS2.

and if it isn't about the PS2, I apologize.


Tonic Hedgehog
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KONG: My Radio Station

Registered User
(2/15/01 2:10 pm)
New Post Re: 3 letters:
You can post PS1, or SEGA game info also. Did I offend you dude? I hope not. PEACE

Passively Posting
Personal Photo Hater

(2/15/01 4:06 pm)
New Post Re: 3 letters:
Oooh... Bad choice of boards.. most people advocately hate SONY here. I am not among them though.. :p

Rabid chica and non hoaxer
(2/15/01 4:13 pm)
New Post *neutral on Sony*
I just dun go near it =P

Never played a game, never been interested by a Sony game, never had the chance to play a Sony game or a Sony console, so like, yeah =P

I dun hate it and I dun love it, I just pretend it's na real =P

~Sarah-Le da kidnoyle lady

Which Groove Do You Like?
(2/15/01 5:03 pm)
New Post Re: *neutral on Sony*
Just warning you, this'll get moved to the Adverts section soon.

Registered User
(2/17/01 1:30 am)
New Post Re: *neutral on Sony*
Hey why are you guys so down on the P2? Just wondering.

Destroyer of
Potatoes, Eater of
Insanity Peppers

(2/17/01 4:01 am)
New Post Re: *neutral on Sony*
I 'dislike' them because they're big, money-grabbing, shop-bribing corporate bastards. =\ Don't listen to fans enough either... You could say they either revolutionised the game market, or degraded it...


Amy's Future Husband
(2/17/01 8:13 am)
New Post Re: *neutral on Sony*
I'm just not a big fan of big dishonest companies with unethical marketing tactics that produce an inferor product that somehow becomes more popular and cause the superior product to fail right after I bought it.

-Andy &&

Nik Jam The Man 
Gem Island

(2/21/01 7:34 pm)
New Post Re: *neutral on Sony*
wot Echidnoyle said

I would however like to play Final Fantasy 7,8 and 9, and 10 and 11 once they are released, I never got a chance to play FF.

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