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...So... much writing...
(1/31/03 6:13 pm)
New Post Sort of a SADX topic continuation...
It's only temporary, so feels odd posting a new topic about it, but since someone's going to post it anyway, might as well be me. ;P

Sega of America today announced that it would release Sonic Adventure DX exclusively for Nintendo's next-generation console in the US this May. The game marks the third appearance of Sonic the Hedgehog on GameCube.

Sonic Adventure DX, an enhanced port of the Dreamcast-released Sonic Adventure, follows the hedgehog on a quest to defeat the troublesome Dr. Eggman, the long-time nemesis of the mascot character. Sega said that DX would boast improved graphics and sound along with connectivity to the simultaneously announced Game Boy Advance title Sonic Pinball Party.

Sounds like there'll be a little more than Chao connectivity (probably as well, but don't forget the two Sonic-sized pinball machines in Casinopolis, finishing a NiGHTS board in SADX might unlock it in SPP).

But here's one to chew on, enhanced SOUND? How? They're not going to be rerecording the music, I doubt they'll redo or even add to the recorded dialogue... they probably just mean they'll remix a tune or two, and shuffle a few around, like they did with SA2B.

Well, they've still got roughly four months of dev time before they have to go to a final production version, here's to hoping for more than a copy and paste with fingers...

The True ShadowChaos 
Registered User
(1/31/03 6:24 pm)
New Post Well
I'd really love to love this game, but it looks like another rush job. I know there's four months left, but come on, that's only four months. That's really not nearly enough time to completely rework the textures and sound. Therefore, we get:
-Improved character models! So what if the fur and cloth textures are gone? They're shiny!

-No improvement in the background graphics! We don't want to ruin the nostalgia!

-Improved audio! The character voices are now louder!

That being said, I'll be ecstatic if I'm wrong.

Sz 3 
Who let the sausage put
all you n00 hot pocket base
in you mouth !?!

(1/31/03 6:36 pm)
New Post Re: Well
If they mess around with the soundtrack too much, there will be many disembodied heads at Sonic Team HQ. I mean, SA's soundtrack is awesome...

Registered User
(1/31/03 10:33 pm)
New Post Re: Well
Hi Rlan,
Thanks for writing! It always amazes me that
the fans find out more than I do about things I'm
going to be working on! :) Y'all are so quick at
finding this stuff out!
Well, what I DO know is that I'm going back
into the Studio sometime in March to record more
Sonic vocals. Sega has told me that much. What
they HAVEN'T told me is what it's for. :) So I
don't know if it's for the SA DX project or not.
All I know is that I'm going in for more fun!
As for Knuckles, I have to correct you on one
little factoid. I did NOT do the Knuckles voice
for SA2, I DID do it for 'Sonic Shuffle' however!
But on SA2, the voice of Knuckles was a good
friend of mine by the name of Scott Dreier.
(Check out if ya like, he's
got an album out now that's awesome!). I've heard
Scott will be back for this next project to
provide the voice of Knuckles once again.
So there you have it, that's all I know. :)
Let me know if you hear anything else. Lol.

Take Care,

Run away and join the circus:

--- Rlan wrote:
> Hello,
> Considering that you are the voice of Sonic the
> Hedgehog, I'd like to ask
> you a quick question.
> Just a few hours ago it was revealed that
> Sonicteam were going to
> re-release the original Sonic Adventure game
> for the Nintendo Gamecube,
> called Sonic Adventure DX. I was wondering if
> you had been contracted to do
> the voice overs again, or at least re do
> certain lines which were poor [As
> you've mentioned in interviews, with lines such
> as 'Watch out! You're gonna
> crash! Ah!'], as well as you being Knuckles
> since you took over the job for
> SA2.
> - Rlan

Thats how :)

...So... much writing...
(2/1/03 12:46 am)
New Post Re: Well
You... you bastard. >_<

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