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Tastes like chicken
(9/21/02 12:16 am)
New Post It appears someone up there's listening.
"Gooey" from the Rainbow Resort has recently posted a blurb of text from the newest issue of EGM regarding the possible new EarthBound game announced a while ago. It seems there's been an update to the announcement.

"The Hot Q: Mother 3 on GBA
You may remember a few issues back The Q told you about rumblings from the bowels of Nintendo of a 'Mother' game for Game Boy Advance. (The only game in the 'Mother' series released in the U.S. was the 16-bit Super NES cult fave 'Earthbound'.) And indeed The Q was correct, but the upcoming title is not a port or remake of a previous game. Instead, The Q has heard recently that the original scenario from the cancelled 'Mother 3' (for N64) is being adapted to GBA by a second party, most likely Brownie Brown. Expect official news on this shortly-maybe even by the time you read these very words..."

Words cannot describe my joy right now. I literally feel like I'm about to explode with joy (Or perhaps it's all the soda I drank today. Either way I feel I'm gonna blow). I just hope it ends up doing better than the SNES EarthBound did.

Does the light even EXIST any more when the door is closed?

Registered User
(9/21/02 12:24 am)
New Post Re: It appears someone up there's listening.
What I said over AIM:


Wait...that's what you told me to say...


"HOT DAMN!!" =D =D

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(9/21/02 3:12 am)
New Post Re: It appears someone up there's listening.
You know what I'm gonna say now....
As always....


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(9/21/02 7:48 am)
New Post Re: It appears someone up there's listening.
And there was much rejoicing.

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Blues the squirel
Of Wood Zone
(9/21/02 10:06 am)
New Post ...
*explodes in happiness*

As Anti-PS2 as they come
(9/21/02 10:56 am)
New Post Re: ...
Rock. On.

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...So... much writing...
(9/21/02 2:20 pm)
New Post Re: ...
I don't know. What I saw and read about Mother 3 really just didn't appeal to me... it seemed so flat, more than Earthbound. Just bland, especially after they took out all of the interesting 64DD-related features to switch it to cart.

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