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Sarah Le echidnoyle 
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The rabid glomper

(9/21/02 1:42 am)
New Post You know what?
I'm an idiot. Here I am stupidly awaiting the return of the other board when it hits me.

"Still have the Ezboard, DUH!"

So I finish my shower, get on the comp... and forget about my revelation.

About to go to bed and I remember I haven't stopped by yet.

Yeah, bandwidth was the issue, that I know. Since I am too lazy to hunt through topics at the moment, I'll go ahead and ask the question I bet everyone and their brother has already asked: Is there an estimate as to how long the other board will be down? Like is Ku allowed only so much per a certain period of time and if he goes over, you have to wait till the whole of said time has passed?

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Rob the Fox
something zany
(9/21/02 3:49 am)
New Post Re: You know what?
The other board will be down for a month or so.

Rob the Fox

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H Hog 
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And I like swords too

(9/21/02 4:13 am)
New Post Re: You know what?
Not a full month, the REST OF the month.

This month's random webcomic link is... Waffle X - By Robert Luckett!

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Doom hero 
Registered User
(9/21/02 9:08 am)
New Post Re: You know what?
oh, that sucks =\

Oh well, I actually like ezboard so it don't really matter to me.

Great quote(s) "At times I probably felt like being 18. I confuse myself easily, and on a regular basis."-H Hog. End of quote(s). Oh, and if you haven't already, click the link coming up for your own safety(just kidding)...

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Doom hero  at: 9/21/02 9:09:42 am

...So... much writing...
(9/21/02 2:25 pm)
New Post Re: You know what?
Well, I'll preferably have it fixed before the month's over, if not, soon after.

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