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Squiggles the chao 
Disgruntled Child of Chaos
(9/24/02 6:24 pm)
New Post Re: ...
I'm apparently spoiled,and my mom wants to straighten it out.

From the way you talk about public school, I'm not gonna argue. However, I think she's doing this all wrong. Take it from a product of the public school system, public school is not at all bad, in fact I had a blast. Midle School sucks, but ti's surviveable. If you need any help with the hard issues relating to fitting in ans school life, feel free to contact me any time.

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Doom hero 
Registered User
(9/24/02 6:33 pm)
New Post Re: ...

Dark, public school is actually great...

And yeah, I agree with h hog. She will only fail in trying to "unspoil you" because you're not spoiled in the first place.

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Great quote(s) "At times I probably felt like being 18. I confuse myself easily, and on a regular basis."-H Hog. End of quote(s). Oh, and if you haven't already, click the link coming up for your own safety(just kidding)...

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Registered User
(9/24/02 6:36 pm)
New Post Mother... stuff
Before I say anything, and I know you said so already. DON"T KILL YOURSELF. And it's good your a wimp or I would be saying a lot more on this subject right now.
I have also done similar actions and thought about similar things and well, I'm still here. I realized that I can make it through the hard times, then leave this town.

NOTE: LONG , but important POST COMING

However, about your mom and the other events, I think I can explain it psychologically, but only partially.
First, since you hit your mom, her brain must respond with a reflexive action. If she was violent, she would hit you back. but, since she has maternal characteristics, she must therefore punish you in the most extreme way she can, isolation. Your isolation has given you time to think about what has happened. But, since you still have anger, you combine all things that were negative within your memory, be it concsience or subconscience, into one massive feeling of sorrow and loneliness. You also wish to react upon your mother, but this time it is a conscience action, not a reflex. Therefore, you do(most likely) not wish to physically harm your mother, so you think of the mext best thing: emotional. By commiting suicide, you would permanently scar you mother and have her blame herself for your actions. (Mind you most of these events happen at the same time. The human brain is very odd.) Yet, what would that prove? It would only give you the "last laugh", but at a permanent and priceless cost. Since this is, literally, a life-altering decsion, you ask your friends. The only ones available are those of the Moogle Cavern. Obviously our opinion must be important if you need to obey your mother to do so.

The logical conmclusion is not to kill yourself. Friends are taken care of here at Moogle Cavern. Even though you can't talk to us all the time, we're still here. I go to public school, and I don't get beat up. You can tell that since I'm even posting here, I have learned to deal with the _perks_ (for lack of a better word) of public school. Yeah, they'll tease you. They did the same to me. But eventually, you either learn to deal with it, they except you, or they move on to another victim. Besides, by the time the teasing ceases in high school, for the most part, or at least gets tolerable. As for money, I never have any of my own to start with, so I don't know.

Just don't kill yourself, even though your afraid to, the thought of doing to is sometimes enough to overcome fear.

Got Pai?

Got Pai?

Registered User
(9/24/02 6:43 pm)
New Post Re: ...



Registered User
(9/24/02 6:56 pm)
New Post Re: ...
I'm gonna agree with everybody else on whatever going on, because whatever it is (I only read a few odd details and I can tell the situation sucks) it must be a sensitive issue and I'm not too good at giving advise in such circumstances, but listen to all the folk in this forum because the advise they give is good.

Oh, okay, I'll just give a bit of advise, think "what would do?", that works for me sometimes when things go bad.

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Staroxide Lumino Yang 
Registered User
(9/24/02 8:55 pm)
New Post ...
...I come back after a few days of... deep soul searching and this happens...

Obviously, you shouldn't commit suicide. I think everyone knows about my suicide attempt two years ago [I think]. Of course, it doesn't really help when your own parents make fun of you about it but... well I quite honestly gave up on my family. They're all hopeless... even my Mom.

But quite honestly dude, I've been called worthless by my own Mom and I tell you it ain't a good feeling. But you have to realize that you aren't. I mean geez, you have drawing skills I wish I had, and I just started drawing now! You have great potential to be anything you want no matter what anyone be it your Mom or anyone else says. Yes, it is painful to have your greatest abilities ignored, but everything great takes time to get.

There were times where I wonder why I even bother to do the things I do because I'm not as great as I want to be with most things [besides daydreaming heh], but everything comes with time, patience is a very good virtue... believe me, I can't honestly comprehend what you're going through as much, but you just gotta pull through. It's going to be hard, I know, but I learned if you get through the storm with all your strength, you'll see that it was all worth it... even if you don't know it at first. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, we just don't see it until we finally reach the end of the tunnel. Like I said, it'll be a long road, but it will be worth all the trouble. Just don't give up. Ever. Even when things look their absolute worse, you cannot give up Dark... Please... just don't. I promise that you'll get through this if you keep believing in hope that you'll get through this...

I may get flamed for this, but you'll be in my prayers, bro. Peace and don't give up.

Jamie SwiftRunner 
Supreme nuisance and
royal pain in the @$$

(9/25/02 2:12 am)
New Post Re: Goodbye everyone.
Oh god o_o Just... wow. I wondered why I haven't been seeing you around like I was... wow. I hope things will calm down and get straightened out o_o Just try to hang in there... god I wihs I had something more to say o___o

Blaze, NO >_< Social/Child services/Lifeskills/whatever-other-name-they-use is the LAST bunch of people that need to get involved. My mom used to work with their system and used to care for foster kids. That system is flat out dirty and abusive to the kids they 'help' >_< They'll do more damage than good.

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Rob the Fox
something zany
(9/25/02 2:16 am)
New Post Meh...
I've tryed to do what you wre trying to do many times and it either doesn't work or a back out of it

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Ajimage Sestrenegade 
Registered User
(9/25/02 10:31 pm)
New Post Re: Meh...
What Star said. Every damn word. oO

But I was in the same situation when I was a freshman...high school freshman that is. I chickened out.

Unfortunately I can't say more that these guys haven't already said. You guys are good.

Registered User
(9/25/02 11:51 pm)
New Post =(
Please don't, Ive tried and failed suicide, it landed me in the hospital for 2 months, I couldn't live with myself if I knew you killed youself, as Blaze said "You will be throwing 60+ years down the toilet"
In my case I took a knife and began slicing my neck, but my perents got home(before I got to my juggular veins) and rushed my to the hospital before I lost too much blood, I was treated for being phycologically 'unstable' , See If I succeeded I would of Left Digibase without an owner thus it's collapse, my perents would be depressed, and vise versa...

Yaj: Cut those posts out "bye" doesn't help

_______________________________-Ken Ichijouji, Captain of USS Digibase

Jamie SwiftRunner 
Supreme nuisance and
royal pain in the @$$

(9/26/02 3:26 am)
New Post Re: =(
Edit - Bleh

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...So... much writing...
(9/26/02 10:47 am)
New Post Re: ...
I feel terrible for not replying to this sooner. :/ I'm glad you withdrew any ideas of... uhmn... sleeping with the fishes (*Ruto glares* No, not in that way...), but about leaving the PC, whatever you decide is best for yourself. No one else can make that decision for you. I'd like to see you stay, but if it would make you happier to go, so be it. Just don't pick the choice that makes you unhappy, then it was a pointless choice.

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