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Nik Jam Advance
Registered User
(9/25/02 10:00 pm)
New Post More Toonami and Adult Swim stuff.
Yes, I know im probaly beating someone to the punch. Sorry Knux ^_^ But Im bored and It's kinda weird news.

Part 1 - Toonami
Part 2 - Adult Swim Action
Part 3 - Adult Swim Comedy

Part 1

Toonami Changes in October 7
This may cause mixed feelings, a show that alot of people hate, but alot of people like/love is going off Toonami but staying in the mornings. And replaced with the return of a show that alot of people like/love but alot of people hate.

Hamtaro is replaced with Batman Beyond.

Toonami Changes on November 4
This is it guys, this can cause disrespect for Toonami as while, the two shows people really wanted off the block are gone. What's coming is shows that many people probaly consider average.

4:00 - Zoids Guardian Force (Although airing it on November 4th will stop CC from airing the last 4 episodes, it's said those 4 will air anyway)
4:30 - G Gundam moves a half an hour early. Might be good for some. But those who come home late might miss out. But itll be in reruns when this happens.
This is it folks, Powerpuff Girls is gone. And with it...
5:00 - 6:00 - He-man, Transformers, Power Hour. That's right, He-man and Transformers, 5 days a week.

Power to the People.
In November, there will be a poll choosing which Classic Toonami show do you want to return to Toonami in January. No specific date has been said, neither are the shows, but it's rumoured to be - "Reboot", "Gundam 08th MS Team", "Outlaw Star" and "Cardcaptors"

Other stuff of mention.

Dragonball Season 3 airs October 21
G Gundam's last episode airs October 21
Zoids Chaotic Century last episodes air in November
Dragonball Z Goes back to reruns November 28 (EDIT: Nope, DBZ Goes back to 5 days a week in November, so it'd end earlier, sorry)
Dragonball Z Continues Spring 2003
Dragonball GT Comes Fall 2004.

Part 2

Adult Swim Action owns 53 episodes of Inu Yasha, and will air them all till Fall 2003, So try not to miss an episode, At least you can't say ASA is always in reruns.

Yu Yu Hakusho rumoured to continue in Mid November, but it has not been confirmed.

Ghost in the SHell TV and Big O 2 (likely they WILL skip Big O 1) in December 2002.

Part 3

Ripping Friends replaces Mission Hill in October.
Harvey Birdman leaves us again in November.
Space Ghost.. 1 15 minute episode a week in November.
"Rejected" and "Finkel Files" air in November.
Other specials planned to air in November.
Mission Hill returns in November, Oblongs or Ripping Friends may temporarily leave.
Still no sign of new episodes of Brak Show, Sealab and Birdman, but ATHF May continue with new episodes in October/November.
Futurama in January.

*Sigh* Let the ranting/complaining/cheering/"I dont care's" commence!

Edited by: Nik Jam Advance at: 9/26/02 8:09:05 pm
Registered User
(9/25/02 10:12 pm)
New Post Re: More Toonami and Adult Swim stuff.
the oblongs are so annoying..i hope they get rid of that.



...So... much writing...
(9/26/02 5:26 pm)
New Post Re: More Toonami and Adult Swim stuff.
Huh? They... wouldn't stop Sealab... would they? ;_; (ATHF got old fast. Now I only watch Sealab in Adult Swim if I happen to be flipping through channels and it's on or coming on.)

I've only seen one or two of the new Harvey Birdman episodes, too, where they've started reanimating everything instead of the older style.

Squiggles the chao 
Disgruntled Child of Chaos
(9/26/02 6:17 pm)
New Post Re: More Toonami and Adult Swim stuff.
But the Brak show and SGC2C are awesome too. I like all the Willams Street shows. About the only show I don't like on AS comedy is Home Movies.

Click the links bitch!

Blue Blur Hedgehog
Declarer of Spam
(9/26/02 7:38 pm)
New Post Re: More Toonami and Adult Swim stuff.
Man, I liked Hamtaro :E Ah well. I dont mind the G gundam thing, power puff girls they show enough of already so thats good. He-man and Transformers is good.. I wish DBZ would go back to 6 though, that was so much nicer..


WHAT IS WITH THESE? I dont get them at ALL. I dare NOT _LOWER_ myself that level! I cannot be COMPARED to a freaking SA2 Battle character! THAT IS FREAKIN LAME, GAH!

Perfect Chaos ZETA 
Registered User
(9/27/02 11:27 pm)
New Post !!!
I want either Reboot or Ronin Warriors back!

The Biolizard
Registered User
(9/28/02 9:18 am)
New Post Ronin Warriors?

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