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...So... much writing...
(9/19/02 10:36 pm)
New Post [Admin] Both expected and unexpected...
Long story short: I realized this was going to happen quite a while ago. I watched the bandwidth in my control panel, and even after the initial flood of people joining and posting "I'm here", it was just shooting up a bit too fast, it was going to hit the 8 Gig limit. I figured it would be okay, though, since I thought the new host's policy was to keep it going after that, and charge $1-$2 per Gig extra. Apparently they changed that or didn't do it because I paid for an annual account, though, ergo the error message.

I figure I'll work out something with them to purchase an annual block of an extra 8 Gig, since that's the same server I planned to put the Hoaxes onto, as well. And if it shoots above THAT, I know something's up, but for now, I can kind of see what happened as being reasonable. Still a huge bummer, though. Forums generate an ungo- er, unbunniely amout of bandwidth, and we're not even that big of a forum. Either hosts have some sworn policy to annoy people trying to run forums everywhere by inflating bandwidth numbers (we've tried two different scripts actively running, and a third that I tried before phpBB but never released, XMB), or it's just shocking how forums as big as PA or Bob and George can exist. :P Maybe the Oekaki's generating a lot more bandwidth than I expected, but it shouldn't be, I'd think...

In the meantime, just a bit of patience, please. The new host isn't like SI (who just, by the way, accidentally lost the account of the person I visited in England, with no backups, including losing Echidnoyle Crossing, there is something undeniably wrong with their service), so I don't think this should have any real problems as long as my request is clear and I'm not suspecting them of anything.

*blinks* Weird, what happened to the "New Topic" and "Add Reply" button settings? They were fine when I left it after the Leo/Pope thing. All well...

Registered User
(9/21/02 2:03 pm)
New Post Be careful...
I figured it would be okay, though, since I thought the new host's policy was to keep it going after that, and charge $1-$2 per Gig extra.

Kulock, man, be careful with that. Back in December 2001 I was hosting some ROMs and the Nick Arcade videos on, and we went *60 GB* over our monthly limit, and our provider ( charged us $4 per GB. That was a LOT of money for us. =/

All I'm saying is, if you're going to have it so that your web provider continues to churn out bandwidth on a really popular site (like mooglemb) you might end up spending a lot of money that you didn't expect to pay.

I'm sure you've already planned and whatnot, but I figured I'd at least put in my "be careful" post. =P

...So... much writing...
(9/21/02 2:18 pm)
New Post Re: Be careful...
That's better than prepaying for bandwidth that may not be used, and most sane hosts would have an "Unusual Activity" cutoff point, your host just blatantly wanted to shaft you. Besides, $4 per Gig?

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