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(9/30/02 4:15 pm)
New Post Re: Get Internet/Get Xbox
Earthlink keeps sending me this stuff that says YOU CAN GET DSL! but when I check their website, they say I can't.

Gecko: By broadband I think you were referring to DSL, Cable, or Satellite, right? Well, *checks something, does some math* it's already out, Fiber Optic. And Squiggs, if you don't have the same speed, maybe this is a better version. *shrug*

NOTE: These are all Downstream
DSL: 384 to 1500 Kbps
Cable: 256 to 5000 Kbps
Fixed Wireless(definition says-Transmission of data takes place via microwavesbetween fixed antennas): 300 Kbps to 1Mbps
Satellite: 300 Kbps to 900 Kbps
Fiber Optic: 100 Mbps to 50 Gbps

There's also a competition between DSL and Cable. A serious one at that. Such as looking a few people up in a room with nothing but computers, some with DSL, some with Cable, and wandering around on the internet that entire time, only to emerge from that room afraid of the sun, covered in so much cheese and grease that your hair's translucent. That serious.
To find the rest of the Broadband Showdown, look at they May 2001 issue of MacAddict.(This applies for both OSs and I don't want any flaming. It's just a reference.)

And Ku: They have a map with all of the Cable and DSL stations in the US as of August 2000. (Yeah, I know, other have popped up since them, and its a map where its hard to tell) As of then, DSL was the only thing in Columbus and even so, you probably live a few miles too far away.(For optimal performace you have to be within about three miles of the station) As for cable, I can't see it.
I want broadband, and I do have choices. I've got access to Comcast Cable and Verizon DSL, two conglomerate companies, it's just I haven't gotten it yet.

Got Pai?

Got Pai?

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Squiggles the chao 
Disgruntled Child of Chaos
(9/30/02 6:19 pm)
New Post Re: Get Internet/Get Xbox
I would say that 50 Gbps is a lot faster than 5000 Kbps. And as to the availabilty to Fiber Optics, there are some locations with it (most noticeably the bay area), but it's expensive and therefore not widespread.

Click the links bitch!

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