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Perfect Chaos ZETA 
Registered User
(7/6/02 2:01 am)
New Post Hey...
What's with the "..."???

Also, IS there any GBA emulators with netplay? AND anymore comments of PC0.EXE?

Tastes like chicken
(7/6/02 2:05 am)
New Post Re: Hey...
ElecMan's in BN1. ThunderMan's in BN2.

Pink, Daa.  Pink.

Wadman Kiddo Cabbusses
Registered User
(7/6/02 2:50 am)
New Post Re: Hey...
... You know what? I got a strange, insane idea. Probably one all Megaman fans would dream about, but mine's gonne be extra-detailed.

I think it would be uber-1337 if Capcom made actual PETs with customizible Navis. I mean, let me get into details and such on how it could be somewhat possibile...

1) Ok, first, there's the PET, which could probably be bought at, say, a local Toys R Us near you.

2) It'd start you off a generic NAVI (You know, the strange-looking green guys, not to be confused with the limbless ones, which are programs.). To get a customized one, you'd need to either

A) Download one from a website or something (Stuff like that to be explained later)
or B) Learn how to make one yourself somehow (More than likely this will be from some sort of TGF-style program)

3) Pretty much any data from the MMBN games could be transfered into it, using obvious methods, such as the GBA link cable, of course (and maybe vice-versa, too.).

4) It would be able to plug into anything with a USB port (and possibily other ports).

A) The Navi will comment on the area he/she is in. It would also be able to detect if it's been there before.
B) The Navi will find an item (If it's a new place) or fight a randomized battle (such as a bad NAVI gone loose or virus). If the navi gets deleted here... heh, don't worry, all Navi's are auto-backed up (Or, in other words, they aren't really deleted to begin with.)
C) the Navi would leave.

5) Imagine being able to go on the net with it. It'd be almost like Bonzi Buddy, except it won't clog your monitor and be annoying. It could also help download and upload files, and maybe even instant message! In fact, that'd probably be how people would start...

6) Netbattles! If they're gonna be any good, they'd better be like the ones in the Gameboy games, of course. Being able to use chips and everything would be spiffy. :D

7) Along with creating a Navi, you should also be able to create your own chips! Imagine having a chip to match your NAVI. That'd be SWEET.

8) And, of course, Capcom'd also use this for promotions! Imagine being on an imaginary quest to stop the WWW, teaming up with all the other contestants and if you complete it, you'd win a spiffy promotional chip, or even a NAVI.

The odd thing about that is, except for being able to jack into lamps, backpacks and statues, the world of Megaman Battle Network is closer than we think. :O



Edited by: Wadman Kiddo Cabbusses at: 7/11/02 3:53:27 pm
Registered User
(7/6/02 10:39 am)
New Post Re: Hey...
Exactly, Kiddo! I'm always telling my bro "I wish I had a NAVI" It'd be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!


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(7/11/02 7:08 pm)
New Post Re: Hey...
My sister always says she wants a Navi.

But as far as plugging into lamposts and the like, that won't happen until we have IPv6 implemented.

Current IP addressing system is a 32-bit number, 8-bit each "digit", example being

Each "digit" is 0-255, so total possible addresses not even counting private and reserved numbers, which reduces the following figure dramatically, is 256*256*256*256 = 4,294,967,296. We are currently running out of these addresses.

IPv6 promises a 128-bit address number, that's 16-bits to each digit! They say this will provide enough addresses for every person in the world to have something like a million machines to their name. Are they right? Well, a 16-bit number is 0-65535...

65536*65536*65536*65536 = 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 possible addresses.
An example IP address would be something like 92B1.AB34.9801.ABDF (they use hex representation, for sanity's sake)

yeah, I'd say, when we get IPv6, we can have such a rediculous internetworking of EVERYthing ;p

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(7/11/02 8:33 pm)
New Post Re: Hey...
In a way, we already have Navi's

Think about things like Furcadia. The world is totaly virtual, the characters are representations of ourselves.

the only bit that's missing is the idea that the navi's have a sort of mind of their own... even that is a confused subject in the world of MMBN.

Things like Phantasy Star Online, Doom, Quake, ect, all have that hint of it there. Where once again we have representations of ourselves that wander in virtual worlds.

The logical next step, I think, would be to actualy add web browsing power to it, with some sort of graphic effect for traveling the net. Maybe you have a large room, wich would reperesent a search engine (Yahoo for example) in the room would be all sorts of data screens, some would be just links that are within Yahoo itself (such as the weather, e-mail, personals, ect) then there would be a data screen for actual searching.
*shrugs* this isn't sounding too amazing, but I'm just pulling ideas off the top of my head.

we're already partly there.

--Keith T. Hemari

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Wadman Kiddo Cabbusses
Registered User
(7/11/02 8:46 pm)
New Post Re: Hey...
Ah, yes. What Rob said, as the lack of ability to plug into lamposts, doghouses, statues, and water fountains is the only thing keeping the world from turning into a-near Megaman.EXE world.

As for Furcadia... can you save that to a portable device, take it to your friend's house, and fight him/her with it? Or use it to destroy a big-arse virus? ::shot::


The Only Savior of Ash Ketchum!
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(7/12/02 12:05 pm)
New Post Re: Hey...
Where's Legends 3?

Download the offline version of
Noiseland Productions
Link Fixed!
- Bartman

Wadman Kiddo Cabbusses
Registered User
(7/12/02 2:11 pm)
New Post Re: Hey...
Bartman, quit bringing Legends 3 up. It's starting to get annoying. Just wait for X7 to get your 3D-Megaman fix. :/


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