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NeroMan - Fri Feb 25, 2005 7:56 pm
Post subject: My fanfic: What The grayskull?
I was dared to make a Tales x Buster fanfic.
I did by taking an old stupid He-Man fanfic I wrote, cutting out most of the scenes, and chaning a few of the names.
This is the original version, which is much better.
Which I wrote on a challenge for SOME BROAD.
Having some understanding of He-Man helps you appreciate it.
Now, there's a lot of indirect references to sex, duh, but don't worry, there's no actual graphic sex.


Prince Adam. A mighty young lad. Ever on a quest for virtue. But he is not merely a normal man. The mighty prince Adam was not like other boys. When he grabbed his long and massive sword of obvious representation; he turned into the mighty warrior "The He-man formerly know as Prince." but enough about that guy. This is a story about Adam.

Prince Adam walked through the halls of Eternia castle or wherever he lived. Shit, I should mention now that I've only seen the premier of the new episodes, most of what I remember is genuine eighties goodness. Yea, I was -there- man.

So Prince Adam walked through his halls, and as he did, he passed by his good comrade, Man-At-Arms. Prince Adam grew up around Man-At-Arms, who was a rigorous fighter, skilled in many arts of combats. To a degree, Prince Adam idolized Man At Arms. He-Man thought Man-At-Arms was a total prick, but as I said earlier, this story isn't about him. As The Prince waved his passing greeting to Man-At-Arms, he felt... different than he had before. He made a note to talk to Orko about this.


Later, our hero, well, our hero's alter-eggo found Orko in some secluded room, Orko informed the hero that Orko was casting some ancient spell for some strange purpose. The spell would briefly grant warriors supper-speed and duration, but at a price of having the user fall asleep soon after. (Prince Adam didn't catch much of the spell, but he had heard the verse 'Bee Ohbayb' repeated several times)

What a crude paragraph I just wrote.

Prince Adam mentioned his dilemma to Orko. “Orko, recently a friend of mine.”

Adam stopped. Why was he explaining his story in third person? Orko would easily see through the cliché ploy. After all, Adam only had about six friends, give or take, depending on how many toys are released this season.

Adam gave his explanation a second try. “Ork recently… I’ve been having these strange feelings… that make me feel uncomfortable.”

Orko then opened his mouth and I realized that I really fucking hate Orko. Queue scene change.


Evil-lyn got back.


Prince Adam, having discussed his dilemma with Orko in a scene that occurred despite not being written had finally gathered up the courage to talk to his manly friend Man-At-Arms. He knew that Man-At-Arms had always hung out at the YMCA, so that would be the best place to confront his emotions. Like a geeky fan boy at an anime convention, he had stalked Man-At-Arms to the YMCA one Thursday when the newspaper informed Prince Adam that it was indeed a day for Scorpios to "Try new things - possibly new positions."

Prince Adam caught up with Man-At-Arms who had just gotten out of the shower and was dressed up in the armor that he wore around for no apparent reason. This was a strange aspect of Man-At-Arms. Prince Adam figured it was because Man At Arms had nothing else to wear.

"Man-At-Arms! There you are, I've been meaning to talk to you!"

"Oh. Hello young Prince. I didn't know you came here to truck around with the rest of us fine chaps at the YMCA." responded the burly... guy.

"Uh, right. Anyway, can we find somewhere private? I've been meaning to talk to you about these embarrassing... feelings.. I've been having. And I wanted to ask you what exactly Muppets have to do with the formula."

"Oh... Muppets? I see... you really shouldn't have talked to Orko about this. He... isn't right. Stay away from his spell books."

"Even the books with the pictures of Picard on the cover?"

"Especially the books with pictures of Picard on the cover."

"Well, what -do- these strange feelings involve, Man-at-arms? Wow, that's a really crappy name to have in ordinary conversation."

"Yes, my fathers were very cruel to me and gave me the second crappiest name they could think of. Anyway, you're feelings are... well it's a family tradition. You're father had these feelings for you mother, Queen Bob. And their grandparents had these feelings."

"Does this have anything to do with me being He-Man and all." asked the curious Prince.

"Prince Adam, this has -everything- to do with you being He-Man. When you first came out of the castle. I mean, Grayskull castle, you were changed, all for the better, might I add."

"Teela also gives me thee feelings."

"What? Her? That's not a normal part of the family tradition; then again, she's not a normal girl. Do you get these feelings when you look at her breasts, or her abs?"

"Her abs. Is that a bad thing?"

"No Prince Adam, it's not a bad thing. And neither are these feelings. There is nothing wrong with who you are. Except for your face, but that's not your fault."

"So, what should I do with these feelings?"

"That's up to you, but know... I support you."

"Well, there is one thing I've been wanting to do..."

"Would you like me to do it with or without the hard hat?"



And so as the two mighty warriors returned to castle Grayskull.


Six minutes later.


"Uh, next time, keep the hard hat on."

"Sorry, my Prince." said Man-At-Arms, combing the back of his mullet.

"So, if that's how men from Eternia.... do that stuff... where do babies come from?"

"Well Prince Adam... the sorceress knows her some freaky magic shit!"


Teela couldn't believe her eyes, much like an anime-fangirl-stalker, she had followed Prince Adam. And she could not comprehend what the Prince had just done... with the... and the.... against the... using the... In all honesty, she really never considered using a NES controller that way.

After the event was done with, she ran off, tears falling down her face. -She- had loved prince Adam. After all, she was the designated alpha-female in this cartoon.

She sat, crying to herself. When Evil-lyn emerged from the shadows. "Young one, there is much sorrow in your heart, let me... make it better."

Teela wiped away her tears at the appearances of the witch. "But you're... you're..."

"Yes, I'm a girl."

"I was more disturbed by the whole 'evil' thing you’ve got going on.”

"We can work with it.” said Evil-lyn as she pulled Teela closer.


Skeletor watched the actions of his minion from his headquarters using his evil-bad guy viewing-orb that all evil bad guys have to spy on the good guys. He didn't command Evil-lyn to do what she was now doing, so he was... disappointed. "Well this really pisses me off to no end. I thought -I- was the object of her affection. I mean, how could she resist the power of my sexy skull? And the salesman told me that chicks would be all over me when I wore the purple cape."

"I think the cape is rather snazzy." said Beast Man.

"Fuck you." said Skeletor. What, you think -every- character in this story is gay?

"Come on Beast Man." said BeastMan's life mate Murr-Man "It's obvious our kind isn't welcomed here. Blub Blub."

"Yeah." said BeastMan "Let's go... to the YMCA."


Mechaneck was wondering through the forest for a very good reason, but I don’t know what it is. He stopped where he was and said aloud. “Wow, I’m somewhat surprised the author didn’t write a reference to-“

Machaneck was then run over by Optimus Prime.
Evan - Fri Feb 25, 2005 8:00 pm
Post subject:
Thunderbird1 - Fri Feb 25, 2005 8:02 pm
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I approve
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