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Andrusi - Sat Dec 04, 2004 12:26 am
Post subject: Humphrey: A Brave Astronaut
Chapter 1: Zaks, evil Alien Captors

First in an occasional series. Had fun with it.
Squiggles the Chao - Sat Dec 04, 2004 12:37 am
Post subject:
Is that more or less the real story of the game?
Andrusi - Sat Dec 04, 2004 12:58 am
Post subject:
Yes, actually.

It's also almost the entire story of the game, though, so from here on out I'll have to be original.
Tenniru - Sun Dec 05, 2004 1:29 pm
Post subject:
Heaven forbid.
Kulock - Thu Dec 09, 2004 4:36 am
Post subject:
High class.
H Hog - Sat Dec 11, 2004 6:56 pm
Post subject:
Heh, funny so far. =P
Kulock - Mon Jan 03, 2005 7:40 pm
Post subject:
His adventures must continue.
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