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Evan - Sat Feb 26, 2005 9:52 pm
Post subject: New ToD rule:
If you're just spectating, put an away message up, even if you plan on chatting. It'll clear up some confusion.

Anyone else think that should be done?



...I STILL can't believe some chat I made as a joke turned out to have a max 23 chatters. I said I wanted to be first tonight, and I was!
TaeshiLH - Sat Feb 26, 2005 10:07 pm
Post subject:
That's a good idea, actually =D So people are allowed to say things even if they're on away? Normally when you go away on AIM, it immediately shatters if you respond to someone.. so you have to literally be.. away when on away on AIM.

So you can talk and still be away on the Flashchat? I guess that's convenient.. and would definitely steer off confusion and avoid several "I'm just watching.. no ask me :D" stuff.. could get the people who DO wanna be asked.. asked!

Yes XD And congradulations.. some things have the most unexpected turns.. so hooray for you getting your very own successful chat!
Milo - Sat Feb 26, 2005 10:09 pm
Post subject:
Greta idae.
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