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Add-Ons and Written Works - MC Saga 2.0 - Chapter 2

Matrixx Hedgehog - Thu Apr 08, 2004 5:01 pm
Post subject: MC Saga 2.0 - Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Something something


Kulock yawned. He'd just had the weirdest dream that the government was out to kill him, and he hid in this cave and found a whole bunch of odd characters who were willing to help him overthrow Taylor. It was actually kind of interesting, but it's back to his normal, boring life...

Since when was my bed so hard? Kulock felt the bottom of where he was sleeping... it was the floor of a cavern. So it wasn't a dream then... He was brought into reality by a happy shout from H Hog. "Hey, moogle man! It's about time you woke up!" Kulock rubbed his head. "Wha..? How long did I sleep in?" H Hog shrugged. "Everyone esle was already awake for an hour." Kulock looked around. Matrixx and Sofox were working on somehting. Bob and Chibs were working on the Mecha Squiggles. Squiggles was eating fruit like crazy. Kiddo was talking with Maverick and Thunderbird, while watching Wizard and Shanic swordfight for practice. Andy was messing around with some of the equipment he salvaged from his ship.

Looks like everyone's accounted for.

Kluock walked over to Matrixx and Sofox. "What's that you're working on?" Matrixx grinned. "Rocket shoes. They're for Sofox." Sofox continued his work without looking up. "If I had a way to propel myself, I could fly much farther than I could if I was just gliding." Matrixx took his turn to speak. "I got the parts form those robots we fought earlier." Kulock smiled and nodded. "Well, keep up the good work."
Squiggles the Chao - Thu Apr 08, 2004 5:16 pm
Post subject:
Squiggles had seriously depleated his pile of cherries, but eventually he got to the point where he'd eaten so much that it hurted to even exist. He flopped down on his back. Despite his sad state, he found himself wishing that lemons grew here. Sure Squiggles was least adept at flying out of all his traits, but that still put him ahead of the average Chao.

Kulock walked over and picked up some cherries. "I take it you won't mind," he stated, the proceeded to eat them one by one. A single fruit dropped from his hand and landed on Squiggles' lips. He couldn't resist the urge, and ate it.

"How I wish I could vomit." Squiggles said. "Oh well," he thought, "At least I'm stronger now because of it." Chao had no mechanism for escretion, their systems were 100% efficiant in converting food and other substances into useable materials. It was one of the scerets to their longevity. If a smart Chao was without food, by conserving his energy, he could survive for multiple lifetimes.

Kulock walked off, not having noticed the fallen cherry, looking very refreshed from his breakfast.
H Hog - Thu Apr 08, 2004 7:35 pm
Post subject:
A sharp audible burst echoed through the cavern, as one of the shoes Matrixx and SoFox were working on flew off on its own, zoomed circles in the air for a few seconds, then quickly landed into the grass ten feet away, with a soft thud.
"I guess it works...!" SoFox remarked, as he went to pick up the shoe.
He picked it up, and checked a small gauge on the side. "Hm, empty already? I guess we still gotta get working on the regulation of the thruster's fuel usage, if it's to be used effectively - for longer then 20 seconds, that is. That, or we'll need to find a way to concentrate the fuel itself, so it'll be more economic in its use."
H Hog looked at SoFox as if he had just spoke Russian.
Matrixx noticed.
"What he meant is that we gotta find a way to get him more gas-mileage out of those shoes."
Matrixx Hedgehog - Thu Apr 08, 2004 8:47 pm
Post subject:
Matrixx picked up the other shoe and examined it. "What we WERE using is some of that green stuff from those robots. But it's SUPER-flammable. Burns up like crazy." H Hog blinked, then pointed a finger at one of the shoes. Matrixx held up a finger in response. "Don't even think about it."
Andrusi - Thu Apr 08, 2004 10:42 pm
Post subject:
"Done!" Andrusi suddenly shouted. He held his goggles up.

"You... turned them yellow," a confused Kulock observed.

"There's more to it than that," Andy replied, pushing a small switch on top. "Assuming I didn't mess anything up, that is. If it works, these goggles are now a targeting system. Basically they scan my surroundings and the position of my hands, and show me what I'm likely to hit if I fire any weapons I'm holding. Like getting to preview my shots before I take them."

"Ah. Nice." Kulock paused. "Is anyone else planning to show off some new toy?" Nobody answered. "In that case, let's get down to business. Food shouldn't be a problem for us just yet, due to the nearby plants, and yesterday's exploration of the cavern found an underground river we can use for water. But there are those of us who need electricity instead." He glanced at Maverick, the nearest MCer who fit that description. "Probably our best bet is to build a water wheel on the river, and connect it to a generator of some sort. You technical types will have to figure out what we'll need. We'll also want some electric lights so we can get to the river without having to use H Hog as a lightsource. There are other things that would be nice to have, but those are the essentials." He paused. "Kiddo, I hate to have to order you around, but the best place to get this stuff is in the city, and you're the only one of us that Taylor's security robots won't recognize."
Matrixx Hedgehog - Thu Apr 08, 2004 11:01 pm
Post subject:
Kiddo kind of fell over. "B-b-but what about the cops? That's why I'm here in the first place!!" Kulock smacked his forehead. "Oh. Right. Well, uh.. Get a disguise." Kiddo blinked. "Like.. what?"
Squiggles the Chao - Thu Apr 08, 2004 11:06 pm
Post subject:
"Get up." Squiggles felt a soft jab in his side. Slowly, he sat up, then raised himself to his feet. "The others are all working, we should help," Bob said. Squiggles was ready to burn off that feeling of sloth that had come from consuming all those cherries. He helped gather stones and wood for the construction water wheel. The materials seemed not to weigh him down, as Chibi had the previous night. He certainly was stronger.

A bit later in the day, he took some time off to practice his swordsmanship. All teh movements were slow and deliberate, paying close attention to detail. At the same time, Squiggles was channeling and disseminating Chaotic energies from within, a slow and arduous process of building ones spirit over a period of many centuries. In a few hundred years, though he did no know it now, it would be very strong. And he would step forwards to unite the emeralds once more, only to be snuffed out in a single instant, and he Chaos Emeralds left to their own, inherantly dangerous devices once more.
H Hog - Sun Apr 11, 2004 7:35 pm
Post subject:
It started to become late in the afternoon, the sun was beginning to set.
The waterwheel had already been finished, but there was still no generator to hook it up to yet.
Kiddo had not returned yet - he had disguised himself by wearing a cloak that Wizard had with him, and after much debate and promising that nothing would happen to them, he got Andrusi to borrow him his goggles, too.
Anyone who would know him before would not easily be able to recognize him at first glance. He could only hope it was enough.
It wasn't too difficult to find electric lights and a generator for them.
At the junkyard the others had previously fought for life, he had found plenty of discarded bicycles.
He had torn the lighting dynamo off of one such bike, and managed to find at least 5 lightbulbs that weren't already shattered - two of them red.
Kiddo wasn't sure it would be enough, but he figured that it'd be best to head back as quickly as possible before he'd have the chance to be spotted...
Matrixx Hedgehog - Mon Apr 12, 2004 11:27 pm
Post subject:
Wizard stuck his sword into the ground. "Well.. I think that'll do for now." Shanic stuck his sword back in his head. "I agree." They were just about to head back inside, when a laser nearly took off Shanic's left ear. They both whirled around to see about 3 of those crawling robots form earlier, now with laser cannons mounted on their backs. Wizard shouted back to the cavern entrance. "Guys! Come out here! We have company!!" Matrixx dashed out, follwed by H Hog, Sofox, Thunderbird, Andy, and Page Repair Droid. Andy smacked Page Repair Droid across the head. "I thought you were sending out jamming signal!" The droid's head spun around. "A signal is reborn! Things are different sometimes, but most times. It must take some time to skill get! Gizoid?" Andrusi sighed, and readied his laser pistol. "He'll take some time to analyze the signal and send out an appropriate counter. In the meantime, we'll just have to fight them!" Matrixx got into a fighting stance. "I'm ready for anything! Bring it on!"
Squiggles the Chao - Mon Apr 12, 2004 11:36 pm
Post subject:
Squiggles had retired to the Mecha Squiggles' gut chamber. It provided him with a spacious room to practice, and was the only chamber with a functioning monitor. He saw what was going on outside. He was about to activate the shield, but stopped. He trusted the others could take care of it. If he needed to step in, he would. But he sat back to see how this would play out.
Andrusi - Fri Apr 23, 2004 3:19 pm
Post subject:
In the end, the fight proved to be almost disappointingly short. The robots were better-armed than before, but the model clearly hadn't been designed to use them, so their aim was horrible. H Hog and Matrixx had defeated them before a squinting Andy was even completely sure where they were [Andrusi is nearsighted without his goggles--see last chapter].

Sofox turned to the droid. "Was that long enough?" he asked.

"I don't have time to stop and eat," Page said, "so I ordered it to go."

"You... recorded the signal to memory somehow, so you could keep working on a way to jam it. Right?"

"You've got the real arcade feel!" Sofox decided to assume this was a yes.

The excitement over, the MCers returned to the cavern (with the exception of Matrixx, who was now watching out in case more robots arrived).


Out near the entrance, Chibi was performing a thorough visual inspection of Maverick's systems. Elsewhere, Shanic had begun repeatedly forming and replacing his spine-sword, trying to speed up the process. H Hog was sitting in a tunnel, acting as a light source for Sofox and Kulock, who were going down to the underground river to get some water. Various other MCers were doing various other things.

Thunderbird, for his part, had walked over to H Hog and asked him if he was bored (he'd been sitting there for some time as the various MCers went down to the river for one thing or another).

"Not really," H said. "I've been spending a lot of time doing things over the past day or so. I'm taking this as a chance to just think for a while."

Something in his expression made it clear that whatever he was thinking of, he wanted to say it. Thunderbird gave him the chance, asking "So, what are you thinking about?"

"That robot from yesterday. We don't know who he is, whose side he's on, or how powerful he is, but he has a pretty good handle on us. He has an advantage over us, and I don't think he'll hesitate to use it." He sighed. "The only clue we have is that symbol that popped up on Sofox's computer. But neither of us has a clue what it represents."
Sofox - Fri Apr 23, 2004 6:46 pm
Post subject:
"Hmmm, underground river," said Sofox as he was filling the container with water, "you know, these things can go for miles."
"Yeah, what about it?" replied Kulock.
"Oh I was just thinking, I wouldn't be suprised if this thing went all the way to the sea. If someone were to get into some small craft of some sort, and then were put into this river, it could bring them miles from here without anyone seeing."
"Wait, you mean like and escape route?"
"Well, not neccessarily for escape, but that's one of the possibilites. Heck if we could find a way of accessing the river from upstream, or some way to fight the current from the other direction, we could have an enterance aswell."
"Interesting," the moogle contempated, "that could turn out to be useful, or a security risk."
"Of course the craft would have to be watertight, and contain oxygen if it wanted to carry organic lifeforms; also robust because you don't know what sort of currents and rocks you're dealing with; and some sort of survailance wouldn't go amiss..."
"Whoa, wait a second, that may be a little more then we can afford to take on right now."
Sofox shrugged, "Well, it's just an idea, we don't have to deal with it now. Let's just see how it goes."
By this time they had lugged the water back to the main section of a cavern. They they noticed H and Thunderbird talking and so walked over and got up to speed with what was going on.
"Well it's gotta mean something," said Sofox, whipping out his laptop, "and we should find out. We've all heard the stories of the Robotnik but with something like that it's hard to tell fact from fiction. Maybe research is needed."
"While we're getting serious with this, it might be best to get Matrixx aswell, he had a lot closer contact with the virus the you did, maybe he can help."
Matrixx Hedgehog - Fri Apr 23, 2004 9:11 pm
Post subject:
And thusly Matrixx was gotten. It took a while to convince him to go back in; he insisted that it was because he thought more robots would come, but he really just preferred to be alone.

Sofox put up his laptop and asked, "So, what was with that virus that robot implanted in here?" Matrixx thought. "It.. took the form of Dr. Borotnik or whatever his name was. He was in a little pod thing, and he swung a giant heavy ball at me with a chain. I found that the best way to defeat it was to hurl myself at him in a ball." Squiggles, who had been listening, chuckled. "Sounds like the first battle between Sonic and Dr. Eggman so many years ago." Sofox shrugged. "It's just legend..."
DiscoChao - Sat Apr 24, 2004 3:26 am
Post subject:
Squiggles knew that this wasn't just a legend. The deep blue chao scoffed at Sofox.

Squiggles: I know someone who would beg to differ.

Matrixx: Who would that be?

Squiggles looked over toward the entrance of the cavern before he spoke.

Squiggles: Chibi.

SoFox: What would he know about it?

Squiggles: Well, you migh want to ask him, after all, his full name is Chibi Robotnik.

Outside near the entrence of the cavern Chibi was still looking over Maverick. He had convinced her to let him examine her, and was using some of the systems from the Mecha Squiggles to read her coding. Bob on the other hand was using the radio to listen to a disco station, and danced around his brother and the robot. SoFox, Matrixx, and Squiggles walked up to them as super freak played through the air.

SoFox: Chibi. I need to talk to you.

Chibi: Yeah? What do ya need?

Matrixx: Tell us what you know about Robotnik.

Disco danced between them.

Chibi: Let's move somewhere more private.

Chibi walked towards the underground river. His inquirers walked with him.

Chibi: My brother and I... You could say we were one of his failed experiments.

SoFox: Ha, very funny. Seriously, what do you know.

Chibi: I'm serious. Though my brother wouldn't tell you this.

Matrixx: Why not?

Chibi: He doesn't know. He doesn't want to know, and frankly, he doesn't seem ready to know. From what I can tell, he has no memory of those days. I didn't either for a while, till Squiggles explained it to me. I remembered everything after that.

Matrixx and SoFox looked at Squiggles.

SoFox: Ask Chibi, huh?

Matrixx: You could have told us yourself.

Squiggles: Chibi was much closer to the source. He would still know the most on this subject.

Chibi: Do you want to know about Eggman, or not?

Matrixx: Eggman?

Chibi: That's what a lot of people called him. He was kind of egg shaped.

SoFox: This is ridiculous. You're full of crap. I've got better things to do than listen to this garbage...
Squiggles the Chao - Sun Apr 25, 2004 7:58 pm
Post subject:
Sofox turned to leave, but paused when he heard a loud series of gurgles and non-words. Truning he saw Squiggles speaking and gestureing to the Meccha Squiggles. The giant robot's eyes lighted up, shining a vibrant green. The Chao pointed towards SoFox, and the fox watched in with mild amusement as the robot slowly lifted its arm, shaking, and brought it crashing down near Sofox, its palm turned towards the small group.

Fear passed over the larger creatures. Carved into the hand, was the same symbol found on the walkie talkies: A round head with a large mustache and goggles.But perhaps it wasl the large smile that was so frightening.

"It's his only remaining machine. And possibly the only one put towards postivie ends. Except, of course..." he gestured to Chibi.

"You told me that they made it! You're just a liar!" retorted SoFox.

"It was indeed designed by my friends the DiscoChao. However, after facing its first major defeat, I had no where close by to turn to except the evil genious himself. He helped me only out of sympathy for his creations' creation. The core system was updated. It's the most advanced control system, even to this date."

"THe same used in this beauty here, in fact." Chibi interjected. "Except with access restrictions, we didn't want it going Mavrick; The Meccha Squiggles is on par with today's most cutting-edge technolagy, but it does not have complete freedom of will."

"This proves nothing"

Squiggles sighed. "Matrixx, would you mind accompanying SoFox into the Meccha Squiggles?"

The three walked into the large robot. Making their way into the stomach of the robot, Squiggles directed them to the emergency escape chamber, which has never been used, but still kept in good condition.

"In there," explained Squiggles, "you will find the machine that Matrixx battled. It's not the original machine, but the original model."

The door slid open and the two larger creatures gasped.

"It is," Matrixx exlaimed.

"It's called the Eggmobile."
Sofox - Fri Apr 30, 2004 8:36 am
Post subject:
"Wooow," said Sofox slowly in amazement, taking a step back, utterly awed. "A real Eggmobile?".
"Yep," replied Squiggles, content at having completely eradicated Sofox's scepticism. "pretty much identical to the the one Eggman used to...".
Sofox had already run up to the machine and was examining it thouroughly. "I read so much about this thing. Carrier, interfacer, escape pod, heavily adaptable, all in an incredibly robust, hardy and powerful yet compact and easily manouverable machine."
Squiggles arched his eyebrows, "I didn't know you were a fan."
"I just always loved the idea. A basic transportation module that could quickly have a multitude of weapons attatched to it, or later detached, and could immediatly hook up with existing machinery allowing the creator to quickly switch to different forms of attack without having to leave his seat. Heck, wait a second, this thing looks in good condition, theoretically, if we could find one of Robotnik's old pieces of machinery, we could lock this thing into it and immeditly control it."
"So you're convinced now?" asked Chibi.
Sofox looked sheepish, "I made a mistake and I'm sorry. I'll try to be less arragant and I'm ready to hear anything else you have to tell me but first," he said looking over his shoulder, "do you mind if I take a seat in the Eggmobile just to see what it's like?
Squiggles the Chao - Fri Apr 30, 2004 10:18 am
Post subject:
"Sure, but just remember, it's only been operated once, and that was before it was assigned here. I never have had the need to abandon the Mecha Squiggles. I'm not even sure that it works. Just don't turn it on."

Sofox had jumped in at the sound of the word "sure." He mused over the controls, flicking a few switched before he asked, "What kind of atachments do you have?

"None. Like I said, it's an escape pod. And, it's an older model. I doubt anything today would interface to it."
Andrusi - Fri Apr 30, 2004 1:14 pm
Post subject:
Before long, word of the Chao's revelations had spread, and the few MCers who hadn't heard of Robotnik had been informed.

What still confuses me, Andrusi thought, is the timing. All the stories say he died long ago. The Chao say he lasted at least until the turn of the century, which helps explain why the technology is more advanced than you'd expect. But that robot was active yesterday, equipped with modern technology. And if there's one thing we are sure of, it's that Eggman was human. He'd have to be over two hundred and thirty years old, and humans just don't live that long. He sighed to himself. So either there's someone running around impersonating Robotnik, or something is very wrong here.

Similar thoughts were going through the minds of most of the various other MCers, some of whom were muttering to themselves about one possible explanation or another. It was therefore understandable that when Kiddo returned, carrying a garbage bag full of parts that had been requested or had seemed useful, he was briefly unsure whether he was in the right cave.
Sz - Fri Apr 30, 2004 9:32 pm
Post subject:
Deep within the city, a solitary dark green figure hovered down an empty street, the only audible noise being the low hum of his engines. Directly to his right was a large brick-faced building, complete with what looked to be at least 14 stories, curiously enough with every window closed up. On closer inspection, this building looked like an abandoned complex of some sort, but the robot hedgehog with model number 1926 was not befuddled by this harmless looking exterior. As quietly as his robotic shell could move, he hovered off the street onto the ground beside it, slightly raising his height off the ground so as not to drag his shoes on the high grass and weeds. He paused, now obscured from sight by some rather large and unkempt bushes, and moved only when a doorway of the brick exterior slid up into the rest of the structure. The green robot was soon inside, and all signs of the door gone.

He stood in a triangular room, one that opened out far to both directions as if a funnel. The robot's tactical functions instantly recognized the strategic advantage against intruders through this entrance, namely that there was absolutely no cover available and that a large amount of forces could be stationed easily to take out newcomers. He silenced this thought, and walked the length of the room along the righthand wall. Climbing a staricase, he became aware of just how dark it was inside the complex. This did not matter in his case however, as a detailed blueprint of the building was present in his memory banks, and the robot turned to the right after reaching the top of the staircase. The green hedgehog now walked towards a half open door. Each of his footsteps resonated with a loud CLANK around him as he continued on through a series of doors and passageways. After about 5 minutes of this, he arrived in a room that was actually illuminated, though only by the glow of a large computer monitor.

"So you've finally returned. And failed your mission too, I've heard," a voice stated coyly. The response came automatically, "My objective would have had a higher chance of success had my mission been a purely solo one. You could not have--"
"Enough," Taylor cut in impatiently, "...your assumption is correct. I merely wished to find out how strong this rebel group is, and if possible, determine the location of their home base. It would seem that both have been accomplished." The green robot's eyes glowed a deep dark blue as the man finished, "You may leave."

The dark green hedgehog nodded, then turned towards the door. He said simply, "I will spend the next 12 hours in maintenance," then left with a series of CLANKs.
Squiggles the Chao - Sun May 02, 2004 2:45 am
Post subject:
Throughout the chaos, Squiggles had made sure to remove Bob from the action. Perhaps that wasn't the best thought-out move, but, evil though he may have been, the evil doctor had shown Squiggles only friendship. Squiggles just wanted people to remember Dr. Eggman's greatness, even if it was a terrible greatness.

The two Chao were strolling through the forest, Chibi had been left behind to answer any questions and try to extinguish any discussion before Bob returned. Squiggles was now discussing the Meccha Squiggles' repair with Bob. Squiggles had long removed himself from the process, now that all the problems had been found. His speed was no longer needed to find these problems, and he lacked the technical expertise.

Suddenly, his large rabbit ears twitched slightly to the right.

"One o'clock. About 20 meters," Whispered Bob, whose sunglasses actually illuminated his sight in dark places. The next thing he knew, Squiggles was over in the area, standing in a pile of robotic parts.

"These aren't the same kind as before," Squiggles said. "I have a feeling that our base is being watched."

"Mecha Squiggles, shields up." Bob muttered into his walkie-talkie. At the base, the Mecha Squiggles' protective shield activated, to the confusion of the caverners.

"Let's get back," said Squiggles. "These things don't look like they could launch any sort of offensive, but I don't feel safe knowing that some conscious entity (as opposed to Matrixx's mindless attackers) has an intrest in out base."
H Hog - Fri May 14, 2004 6:44 am
Post subject:
"Done!" Andy said.
He had successfully hooked up the bicycle dynamo to the waterwheel, and rigged up the lights over from the main cave up to the underground riverbank.
The lights illuminated the cavern with a slightly yellowish hue, but Andrusi didn't notice, since everything was somewhat yellow to him.
"That should do it."
H Hog, who had been functioning as a living flashlight until now, looked at the lights, smiled, then walked up to the river.
He took off one of his gloves, and put the tip of his finger in.
With a loud hiss, the water around his finger turned to steam.
When he took his finger out, a small layer of rock had covered it - the lava he was made of had hardened a bit.
"What'd you do that for?" Andrusi inquired.
H Hog shrugged. "Just testing." He said, as he peeled the hardened rock off his fingertip, then walked off.
"Dunno if I already told you this before, but I'm made out of lava."
Andrusi rose an eyebrow. "No kidding. So does that mean you can't come into contact with water?"
"Sort of." H Hog replied. "Rain just turns to steam, but in a somewhat larger quantity of water, I develop a stone layer that easily peels off. I never tried what happens when I try to actually dive in... but I'm guessing that the rock layer would turn me immobile and make me sink, after which I'll probably harden out completely. Needless to say, I've never attempted swimming."

Note: This takes place before H Hog fully developed his ability to control his bodytemperature - as such, he can't yet make himself warm enough to keep himself from hardening.

They walked out of the river pathway, and went back to the main cave, where Kiddo was thanked for his successful "mission".
At this point, everyone was now able to go get a drink for himself.

"So, what else was in the bag?"
Lights were not the only thing Kiddo had taken along from the junkyard...
Matrixx Hedgehog - Sun May 23, 2004 8:54 pm
Post subject:
Kiddo drew out a long metal pole. "I found this. Looked useful." H Hog blinked. "A metal pole?" Matrixx's voice called out from the back of the cavern: "I CALL IT!". Kiddo shrugged, then drew out another item. It appeared to be the arm and hand of some old robot. It was pale in color; it seems that it used to be yellow, with a dark-colored hand. He also found some misscelanious scrap metal, and some other old robot parts. "Things get obsolete quick, don't they?"
Sofox - Sat Jun 12, 2004 12:11 pm
Post subject:
Kiddo continued emptying the contents of the bag out. One piece of metal fell and instantly attached itself to another piece of metal.
"A magnet, I call it," said Sofox and immediatly went forward and grabbed it. "What? I like magnets," and sat back.
"So is that it?" H Hog asked Kiddo.
"Pretty much, all that's left is..."
H Hog - Sat Jun 12, 2004 3:45 pm
Post subject:
"... the stuff that's on the floor now."
Everyone looked over to see what was usable.
When there was only true scrap left, H Hog picked it up.
Among it was a smooth, steel ring about the size of a CD.
"Hm... I should be able to make something of this."
He took the scrap over to the riverside, where he had set up a crude smithery.
Already before, he had melted some of the broken robot parts, and made nails of them, which were used to rig up the current lighting system.
He couldn't think of what to make this time, though.
"Maybe the chao could use some spare parts." Kulock said, noticing H Hog's lack of inspiration.
The moogle had seemingly appeared from nowhere - this was a natural ability with his species, since moogles are by nature cave-dwelling creatures.
"I think they're still outside." H Hog replied. "Don't feel like bothering them right now, so I'll just sort this by material and melt it into bars for later use."
Kulock shrugged. "Allright then. I'll let them know that there's new material ready once I'll see them... that is, if you weren't having other plans with that."
"Go ahead. I'll just want to keep the ring. I'm thinking it'll make a pretty sweet bracelet or something."
With that, H Hog went to work.
Squiggles the Chao - Tue Jun 22, 2004 3:22 am
Post subject:
Squiggles slowed up as they reached the cavern. Seeing everything intact, he calmly instructed the Mecha Squiggles to power down its shields, as they seemed to be causing signifigant drain on the system. Almost immediatly upon reaching the clearing they were approached by Kulock, who informed them of all the supplies that had arrived. Bob went to check out the parts.

"Bob, I'll need one bar or metal. Whatever seems strongest," Squiggles called after him. He then pulled Kulock to the side. "I don;t want to incite worry, but they have the place staked out. There are robotic centries in the forest."

"Well, we have the stream exit, if we need be, but I don't want to lose this place. As silly as it sounds, I've become attached to this place. How many ar there? Can we defend the place?"

"There are only about five left. Not an attack force. They're watching us."

"Then let's attack them."

"They'll only send more later. Our best bet is to draw the attention somewhere else."

Kulock studies the Chao. "Somehow, I get the impression that you don;t consider this a high priority."

"You're right I apoligize. I want to get the emeralds as quickly as possible."

"Well, where's the closest one?"

"The yellow one's not far, But they'll have it by the time we get there. Gray is pretty far north, far enough north to be covered in snow, but it is the next closest."

"Take two volunteers. Go out through the forest, destroy all the reobots lurking there. We'll lay low, make it look like we've abandoned the place. Hopefully they'll look elsewhere. Can you wait until tomorrow?"

"That should be fine."

"Good, that will give the others time to finish their new weapons and armor. Oh, I forgot, and your sword."

"How'd you know?" Squiggles almost screamed.

"You scratched up your switchblade pretty badly. Besides, you're not fighting other Chao anymore, you're going to need something longer."

Changeing the subject, Squiggles continued planning. I'll have the DiscoChao set us up with another radar. In two days, if you can spare the peopel send another team towards the next clsoest one. I'll try and meet up with them after we've secured the gray one. They already have two, we need to make sure that we get at least three to keep them from the majority."

"Well see."

Squiggles went to round up some voulenteers. Obviouisly, the most obvious person for such climate was none other than H-Hog. He approched the firey hedgehog, and explained the situation.

"So, will you come?"
H Hog - Wed Jun 23, 2004 5:22 pm
Post subject:
"Hm, an icy climate, huh. Never really been to such a place, but I guess I oughtta be able to take care of any cold obstacles that get in our way. Sure, I'll tag along."
"Thanks, that's half of the trouble out of the way, at least." Squiggles said, somewhat relieved.
"No problem. Oh, and I talked to Bob, here's the raw material you asked for - the strongest metal I could find. I dunno if it actually has a name, but it's got quite a high melting point, and a good density. I'm sure it would make for some durable armoring, or something like that."
He handed the bar to Squiggles.
"But... are you sure you don't want me to actually forge something out of it instead?" H Hog asked, wondering what the chao was planning to do with a single raw bar of strong metal.
"Don't worry about it right now." Squiggles answered. "It can wait."
"Allright then. So, who else was coming along?" inquired H Hog.
Squiggles laughed a little. "You're the first one I asked so far, actually."
Squiggles the Chao - Wed Jun 23, 2004 8:03 pm
Post subject:
Squiggles hefted the bar over his shoulder. It was indeed heavier than he imagined, but would make a good sword. However, the situation was urgent, and his switchblade could still do a good job ripping open flesh. It was the robots that worried him.

"Ill be back in a few hours. I have som business to take care of," Squiggles explined and excused himself from H-Hog's presence. As he walked away from the cavern, he was greeted by a shout.

"Yo, so what's going on?" It was Chibi.

"I need you and your brother to complete repairs on the Mecha Squiggles as soon as possible. First priority is defensive and weapons systems. The defense of this place is top priority. After than, work on assult and movemnet capabilities."

"We're working on it! Geez, give us a break."

"Chibi, they already have two emeralds. It's foolish to that we can collect all of the other three. If they decide to attack, The Mecca Squiggles will be essential in helping to hold them off. I'm going with H-Hog to get the gray emerald. I'll need one more voulenteer. It's a job in the frigid lands of the north. Pass the word around will you? I have some preperations to make."

"Sure," said Chibi, and left to spread the word.
Sofox - Thu Jun 24, 2004 5:29 pm
Post subject:
Matrixx had finished going through the scrap heap and had walked off a fair distance before Sofox caught up with him.
"Hey Matrixx."
"Oh, hey Sofox."
"I was thinking we could give those rocket shoes another shot, we still may need them, and if we can get them firing off for more then 20 seconds, and then maybe tweak the stabalisation..."
"Sorry, but right now there's something that needs my attention."
"Oh okay then. Out of curiosity, is it something to do with that pole you got?"
"Well you know, try to channel your static electricity through it. You know, if you actually do that, it stops becomming static electricity and becomes current electricity. Because when electricity is in an insulator, it's static electricity, but when it's in a conductor, it's current elec..." He stopped speaking upon perceiving a very sarcastic look pointed in his direction from a very magenta face.
"Sorry, I got a little pointlessly anal there. I..."
At that moment, Chibi came up and announced his presence. Upon receiving attention from the 2 MCers, he explained the the situation with the trek to the next Chaos Emerald.
"Cold temperatures?" asked Sofox when the explaination was finished, "Hey I'm pretty good with cold temperatures, I adapt to them pretty quickly and then they don't bother me much."
"Really? So would you like to join?"
"Well I guess so, if you need help, I..." Sofox suddenly stopped for a moment. "Hmmm, I may be able to endure the cold but I don't know about my laptop, I've never tested it under extreme conditions before and I'm not sure how the cold would affect the crystals."
"Hm, worried more about your laptop then youself," smirked Matrixx, "you really are a computer geek."
"Hey, it's a valid concern." Then Sofox turned his mind over to how to deal with thi situation.
Matrixx Hedgehog - Thu Jun 24, 2004 5:47 pm
Post subject:
Matrixx poked Sofox, preventing him from going into thought again. "You know, you could leave your laptop here with me. I might be able to use it somehow." Sofox blinked. "Use it? ...How?" Matrixx showed him one of the robot arms. "This arm here... this didn't come from an ordinary robot. I wanted to scan it to see what it used to be for." Sofox shrugged. "Well, you could use it before I go, but I'm not sure yet if I want to leave it behi-wha?"

With that, Matrixx scampered off with the laptop, hooked it into the robot arm, and began scanning. However, the only data he got was two sentences..

"Technique to acquire all forms of weaponry. This process has no limit and will continue to loop indefinitely."

Matrixx shrugged it off, and gave the laptop back. "Well, whatever. Here, take it. Can't get a lot of data with just an arm."
Squiggles the Chao - Thu Jun 24, 2004 11:47 pm
Post subject:
Squigglereturned some time laterwith a makeshift bow and arrow. Primative, yet powerful. With careful aim, he could let loose an arrow with enough force to pierce a chasis at a joint. All in all, it took a lot less time to make than the sword would have, considering the issues with size and balance inherent in sword design. The metal bar had been left in a safe spot inside the Mecha Squiggles.

H-Hog greeted Squiggles as he drew near, "Looks like SoFox is going to be our third man." H-Hog gestered to SoFox who was walking up behind him.

"Good, glad to have you along," Squiggles said as he brushed his quills back with his right hand. "Listen, this is an important mission, so we should move out as soon as poccible. I'd like to leave now in fact. However, we can afford to wait until dawn tomorrow if either of you need more time to prepare. It's no use getting to the emerald first if we can't fight our way back to our comrades pursueing the other emeralds."

The three of them kind of grinned nervously.
H Hog - Fri Jun 25, 2004 7:45 pm
Post subject:
"Well, my heat's my main weapon, so I won't be needing to take much along. Already brought some rationing too, as a matter of fact."
H Hog opened up a moderately sized leather pouch, and displayed its content; some bread and other goods.

"What about you, SoFox?"
Sofox - Sat Jun 26, 2004 8:31 am
Post subject:
"Hm, I think I'm okay. I figure I'll risk it with the laptop if Matrixx won't be needing it... which reminds me, hold on a sec." Sofox ran off to quickly meet up with Matrixx again and soon came back with new shoes and a belt along which were attached several small metal containers.
"Sorry there, I figured now is as good a time as any to test out these jet shoes. I'm still limited to 20 seconds of thrust, so it's still work in progress, but Matrixx and I figured a bit of field testing would be a good idea, besides," he said gesturing to the containers on his new belt, "I brought refills. Also, I figured I'd follow H Hog's lead and put some snacks and water into some of the spare spaces in my laptop carrier."
"Well," said Squiggles, "if that's everything, we can move out."
Squiggles the Chao - Sat Jun 26, 2004 6:03 pm
Post subject:
"Alright, good. As Kulock requested, we should take out the robots in teh surrounding area. I'm going this way and looping around to hte left," Squiggles gestured in a direction. "We'll meet up on the outside of the forest in that direction," Squiggles pointed in another direction. "Good Luck."

Squiggles ran towards his designated area and started running xigzags through the forest looking for robots. After about fifteen minutes of this, he had destroyed two robots and made it to the edge of the forest, in the general area that he had pointed out.
H Hog - Thu Jul 01, 2004 2:13 pm
Post subject:
"Alright." H Hog said. "You prefer to stick together, or do you think you can handle it by yourself?"
Sofox shrugged. "I'm not much of a fighter. If you prefer to go by yourself, I'll just take the opportunity to test these jet boots and soar over to the place we're supposed to meet Squiggles."
H Hog shook his head. "Best not for now. You might get shot down if they spot you. Let's just stick together then, so we'll be able to watch eachothers back. If we're ambushed, jet outta here."
"Got it." SoFox replied. He fastened the leather strap to his Laptop bag, and hung it across his shoulder.
It wasn't long before they spotted a robot in the distance.
"Hm. It doesn't look tough at all, but it does carry a handheld blaster." SoFox noticed.
H Hog looked at it more carefully. "You think you can use one of those?"
"I could try."
"Got it."
With those words, H Hog snuck over to a few metres behind the robot's back. He leaped on top of it, and placed his hand to its head. The robot fired a few stray shots, desperately trying to hit something. It wasn't long before the circuitry in the robot's head had overheated, effectively shutting it down.
Sofox walked over, took the blaster, and tried to fire a couple of shots.
"I think this'll be fine for now." he said, pocketing it.
Christy - Mon Jul 12, 2004 9:21 pm
Post subject:
Just a note, I don't feel safe around here anymore. Too many robots being killed. Or we could go back to the idea that I'm one of the few (or the only one) who can think for themselves (itself). Then I could help you fight the robots. Let me know what you guys think. I'll give you whatever you want (well, no, not that).
Squiggles the Chao - Mon Jul 12, 2004 9:45 pm
Post subject:
I think the whole self-aware thing works the best.
Andrusi - Tue Jul 13, 2004 9:24 am
Post subject:
Christy... POSTS?! :O
Sofox - Tue Jul 13, 2004 1:13 pm
Post subject:
H Hog and Sofox made their way around through the forest. As expected, the met robots on their path, but taking the stealthy approach, H Hog was either able to get a fireball into it's circuits or Sofox was able to get a shot in a vital area.
"Hmmm," thought Sofox, "they're not hugely powefull are they?"
"Well we're taking them on one by one, as well as catching them by suprise for the most part. Get a large group of them together, add some backup, move them together as a force right up to..."
"I get idea, let's go."
Reaching the edge of the forest, they saw a figure, but quickly noticed it was Squiggles and went forward, ready to hear the next part of the plan.
Squiggles the Chao - Tue Jul 13, 2004 3:07 pm
Post subject:
Squiggles looked up from the radar that he was holding. "Well, guys, good job. That should throw them off a bit. However, the hardest part is still to come. The emerald is 300 kilometers to the north, we must make haste to claim it before anyone else does."

The three set off towards the north, and a bit to the west, after the emerald. After about 100 km of the trip, every was starting to lag a bit. Sofox suggested that they rest for a while, and both H-Hog and Squiggles agreed. As they sat, the eventually became aware of a steady rythmic noise not far off. The three walked a bit to the east, and, looking over the hill, could see a large army, obviously from the government, marching towards the emerald.

"Looks like we may have quite the fight on our hands," Squiggles muttered.
Sofox - Wed Jul 14, 2004 12:11 pm
Post subject:
"Maybe not," murmered Sofox.
"Huh?" H Hog and Squiggles turned to him with questioning glances.
"Well look at that, it's a large army, but it's only moving as fast as the ground units can move. At that speed it's going to take quite a while to reach the Emerald."
"You're saying we race to the Emerald before they get there?" asked Squiggles, "I don't think we can run that fast for that long a time."
"Maybe we don't need to, look." Sofox pointed towards the back part of the army, "the army seems to be supplied with a nice compiment of hoverdiscs and the ones over there don't seem to be very well protected. If we could grab one of those, hijack them, preferably without the rest of the army knowing, we could blast all the way over to the icy peaks, saving us a lot of legwork and time as well as putting a lot of distance between us and the rest of the army."
H Hog - Wed Jul 28, 2004 6:47 am
Post subject:
"Sounds like a plan." H Hog replied.
"Sounds risky." Squiggles said. "We draw attention to the army, we have their entire force behind us... that can't possibly be good."
"That's why we're gonna have to be careful." Sofox answered. "If you have any better ideas, I'd love to hear it. But the way I see it, this is the best opportunity we're going to get."
Squiggles the Chao - Wed Jul 28, 2004 3:49 pm
Post subject:
"Fine, but, we'll need need to be quick about it."
Matrixx Hedgehog - Mon Jan 31, 2005 9:33 pm
Post subject:
Remember this, guys?

I think someone should write a big summary, so people know what's going on and we don't have only 3 people posting at it.
Andrusi - Mon Jan 31, 2005 9:55 pm
Post subject:
This still exists
Matrixx Hedgehog - Tue Feb 01, 2005 11:52 pm
Post subject:
We seriously have to continue this. This is the only serious addon I can see myself contributing to, and the story was really going somewhere. Andy, could you read over this as well as Chapter 1, and post up a summary? We really need to continue this. We can't leave it unfinished.
Sep - Wed Feb 02, 2005 11:52 am
Post subject:
I'd contribute in a way if I knew what was going on. I always wanted to write part of a nice story :x
H Hog - Wed Feb 02, 2005 3:36 pm
Post subject:
I agree. I was just thinking we should get back to doing a good addon again, and this one's right here for the finishing.
Sofox - Sun Feb 13, 2005 10:56 am
Post subject:
Count me in again, this was fun.

*random fact: since the last time I posted in this addon I actually did get a laptop with an appropriate backpack for carrying it.*

Oh and since I'm not waiting for the plot summary before continuing:

"Glad to see we're all agreed. Okay then, there are some vunerable disks to the side and to the back of the convoy. We could sneak up on one and jump it, or find some way to get a disk to lag behind so we can take it over when the convoy's gone ahead. What do ya think?"
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