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Needs cleaning up again, doesn't it? Fixed the Bionic Commando site link.

Yes, an area for connections to those "other" places you've heard so much about. But you'll be back later...won't you? Please? I'll pay cash, really! (*Conker comes running toward the MC*)

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Gaming Links
Sega/Sonic Links, Nintendo/N64 Links, SNK / Capcom-related Links, Mixed Links (Shared Subjects), Other Gaming Links

Sega/Sonic Links

Sonic Exchange - Sonic The Hedgehog Banner Exchange! Sonic Exchange - Sonic The Hedgehog Banner Exchange!
Sonic Exchange - Sonic The Hedgehog Banner Exchange!

  • Sega/Sonic WebRings
      Moved to a new page to lower load time. Now up-to-date information! (And rebroken just a week before relaunching!)

  • The Green Hill Zone
      One word describes this site: Be-shooo! Seriously, this is a great resource for SegaSonic information, updated on a fairly daily basis. His Sonic Museum is a major triumph, and deserves a look, at least to hear his childhood Sonic story. I get all teary-eyed just thinking about it... *sniffle*.. ;> Oh, and he's a Slayers fan too. ^.^

  • Sonic Vegemite
      An up-and-coming webpage by a fellow Sonic fan (if you don't understand what Vegemite is, ask him, he'll be glad to quote his curious fandom. o_O). It has several hoaxes (including some of my own), comic summaries, and is updating with new material every time I check. Plus, he bribed me with an award, so how could I say no? ^.^ (Just kidding there.)

  • Sonic the Webhog
      Run by co-conspirator of the Sonic: Season 3 effort, Jim Doe, he has quite a collection of fanfics and many other works, and is, last time I checked, working on a multimedia shrine for Bunnie Rabbot. Plus he's as insane as I am (if not moreso!), so head on over!

  • Sonic the Hedgehog Area 51
      So it isn't pretty. ;> Jan admits it, but you've dealt with this page, so prettyness isn't a worry to you, ne? But while Area 51 doesn't have 50,000 beautiful pictures scattered across the page, it does have some exclusive information you're _not_ going to see elsewhere. It also hosts hacking areas for the "less mainstream" (Sonic CD and the Game Gear games) Sonic games.

  • Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta Page
      Now maintained by Pelord, still a quality site, and a good archive of info.

  • Flying Battery Zone
      Updated in an even weirder series of bursts than the MC, but still a good site.

  • Secrets of Sonic the Hedgehog
      Self-proclaimed "the Original", a website encompasing quite a bit of information about Sonic the Hedgehog, from Sonic 1 to Sonic Xtreme. Now maintained by "Knuckles".

  • Sonic the Conspiracy
      Recently cleaned up, but recently is 3/7/99. It still has the best page on SegaSonic Arcade, bar none. (Well, now the prerelease ROM is in heavy distribution, but STILL...)

  • The Hidden Palace
      What happened to this site? I liked it a lot...

  • The Sonic 2 Hacking Homepage
      A great website if you wish to hack Sonic 2 roms. Part of the Sonic Hacking Community (links to the other hacking pages can be found on the site).

  • The Sonic the Hedgehog Info Page
      It's Alessandro Sanasi's page. He has quite a bit of Sonic Underground info as well.

  • The Dream Avenue
      A spectacular site run by Solly. ^.^ Excellent artwork, little-know programs and original layouts are just some of the features of this under-appreciated website.

  • Sonic HQ
      Large, LARGE site dedicated to being the premiere base of the Sonic fandom. News, reviews, you'll be drowning in stuff there. Also has Mega Man and Webpage Design off-shoots.

  • IGN Dreamcast
      I miss Anoop.

Nintendo/N64 Links

  • Nintendo/N64 Rings
      Ah HA! Nintendo info! I can join! ...But I haven't joined any yet, d'oh.

  • IGNCube
      Just another part of the large (and somewhat dying) IGN network, this one focusing on the Gamecube.

  • The Mushroom Kingdom - got Mario?
      Updates every few days, loads of multimedia and original features, including "Mario in Japan" and the Mariopedia.

  • The Unofficial Captain N Home Page
      Based around the Captain N cartoon, and the other related Nintendo cartoons. He has an MP3 of the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 opening, that was enough to make me worship him. ;> (I had a heck of a time searching for it a while ago.)

  • Mother 2 to EarthBound and Back Again...
      We all know many games have features removed or changed in the translation.. But one of the most interesting reconfigurations was of the game Mother 2. An entire webpage was devoted to sorting out the differences, and it's quite interesting to read. Give it a go. ^.^ (I remember it stopped updating, but hopefully it's still up...)

SNK / Capcom-related Links
  • The Mega Man Home Page
      A very good Mega Man site, but I haven't gotten to check it recently...

  • The Bionic Commando Headquarters
      Bionic Commando was a great game. Come on. Don't be ashamed to admit it. You were disappointed when he didn't appear in Marvel vs. Capcom, weren't you? Don't worry, this page will bring back those wonderful memories of a game that didn't have a jump button. ;>

Mixed Links (Shared Subjects)

Other Gaming Links

  • Blast Master Underground
      An extremely professional-looking Blaster Master site. If you were ever a fan of the game for _any_ reason, take a look.

Anime and Artwork Links

Slayers-specific Links, Mixed Links (Slayers + More), Other Anime Links

Slayers-specific Links

Mixed Links (Slayers + More)
  • Software Sculptors
      The company translating and releasing the Slayers and Slayers Next episodes for America. Quite a few extras (screensavers and the lot) on the website as well.

  • ADV Films
      Translated and released Slayers: the Motion Picture, Slayers: Dragon Slave, and Slayers: Explosion Array.

Other Anime Links

  • Anime Theme Homepage
      Thanks to Butz Yung for his Slayers images.

  • CG Picture Shrines
      Many many thanks for providing such a great resource. Anime art abound.

  • The Chibi and Super-deformed Image Archive
      I'm not too big of a fan of chibi, but there are several SD Slayers pics. ^.^ Big page, but it doesn't seem to update often. :/

  • The Ultimate Animanga Archive
      Another one of those immense pages that require their own server. ;P S'quite good, it has many pictures of various anime series, and MIDIs as well.

  • Anime Web Turnpike
      Need information on a certain series? Maybe links or images? This is yet another great resource.

  • AnimeNation
      When it comes time to order those anime goodies, check this place out. Competitive prices, the latest titles, good shipping time, and they have a huge assortment of Slayers merchandise. ^_^

  • The Casual Otaku
      I'm still new to this place, but so far they seem to offer a high-quality anime website, with reviews and news. Give it a good look.


MST3K WebRing This MSTie Ring site is owned by Kulock.
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Next MST3K WebRing Site
  • Web Site Number 9
      This is the site to go to for the MiSTing archives. Don't know what a MiSTing is? Check out the FAQ there. ^.^

  • The Ham(p)ster Dance 2!
      The people who ran the original server took the site over from the creators, so the creators left for a new server, and the Dance now has several features. Scary, ne? (And for those who STILL don't know why, they explain why they spell "Hamster" as "Hampster".)

  • My Boot
      A comedy website whom you'll keep bookmarked the minute you first load it up. I suggest you check out the Movie Theater first thing. ^.^

  • Jen's Matrix
      One of the best, most thorough websites on The Matrix you'll find. Trust me, I know. X_x (Although she updates less than I do. *hears a car screech into his driveway* If you'll excuse me... *hides under his desk*)

Again, remember, new links to be added next time, I was just freshening up old links this time.

Last Updated: 01/19/02

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