First clue our ROM was a prerelease? The artwork of the title screen didn't actually look like the title screen...

It grew... and grew... and grew... and that poor little RPGs and Slayers page became one of the... er... most "unique" stops in the Sonic community. @_@

  • Sonic Team Hoaxing
      This is one of the main draws to the Moogle Cavern, a section of "hoaxes" of characters from Sonic Team games. Hoaxes are pieces of media (95% of the time screenshots) that show a fictional situation or idea, with the intent to show off the concept, or inspire humor, or even test the viewer's trivia! Curious? Check out the Hoax FAQ for more info!
      (Section is probably permanently locked pending installation of automated hoax archive script. Will remain up as an archive of the work, though.)

  • Segasonic the Hedgehog Prerelease Arcade ROMs
      Now emulated by Modeler, but... what's this? We didn't even have the final version, we've been sitting on a prerelease all along. O_o Disturbing, eh? And before you ask, no, I don't have the files for the "final version" yet...

  • Sonic the Hedgehog Curiousities
      Okay, so it's a really bonkers name, but all the other ones were taken, you do better. ;> (And I could do worse, I just named the Nintendo equivalent "Fuzzies" earlier today...) It doesn't matter, though, because behind the name, the idea is the same. There are a lot of strange or interesting things cropping up about Sonic fandom, particularly the games. Pictures of levels that were never completed or were severely altered, games that were never even released, or just stuff that doesn't make sense. Not everything has to be a "Sonic Secret" to be in here, it just has to be... curious. ^_^

  • Sonic Team Fan Games
      Includes both my personal MultiMedia Fusion and MUGEN files, plus select works of others I thought deserved extra appreciation, not to mention reviews.

  • Sonic Team Fandom
      Hey, we're nuts for their creations, so we like to show our appreciation for them. Fan Fiction, Parodies, Animated Skits, this is the spot for it. ^_^ (Fan Games are located in the section above.)

Last Updated: 5/16/01

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