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UPDATE 5/15/01:
    Hm... what's to say? To be honest, the project never had much of a shot. Not that I'm kicking Jim Doe while he's away or whatever, we just went about it the wrong way, some accidents happened... the high concept was there, but the techncial stuff we fouled up. All well... I'm still kicking around whether I should keep up the voice samples or not, I did e-mail each VA asking for permission, but there were a few I couldn't reach, and I had to replace some because people's voices change... not sure it's worth it to keep that part up, plus it is a chunk of space... But anyway, the rest of the stuff'll stay up, and I think I speak for Jim when I say, if you wanna use the script to make your own version of the animation (ideally, you should work in Flash, which wasn't popular when we started this, but it now seems like the best approach to use), go ahead, just if you use it, give credit to Jim, and don't change it TOO liberally from what he wrote. If you wanna do a movie/animation from the script, that's fine, but if you want to do your own plot, rather, don't slap this name on it. ^_^ Just, whatever you do, keep it simple, keep it organized, and get it done FAST. The slower you go, the more people get frustrated, the more time it takes, people drop out or change positions, you become in danger of never finishing, et cetera... just keep it going. I'm not saying make it absolutely sloppy, but if you're going to start it, make it a top priority project, not just something you putter with every once in a while, obviously do it as a team, not just by yourself, and try to rip through it in one period of time (a few weeks, let's say). Do it for the fun, don't make it feel like a job for everybody. I guess that's my advice to you.

Enjoy the page. Leave me any and all comments you wish at the address at the bottom of the page.

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Last Updated: 5/15/01

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