I'm afraid I don't have a header for the Miscellania section, I mean, the sidebar looks bad enough...

Welcome to the page where I chuck everything I want to post, yet have no place to put it. ^_^ Some things you might find interesting, some frighening, but all of them... taking up space!

  • The Games Factory FAQ
      A list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding processes in game tool, The Games Factory, most of which apply for its sister-software, Click & Create! Written by Chris_A, a very helpful tool if you're interested. (Currently in TXT format, Version: 1.1)

  • "Kulock's Pit of Ultimate Darkness!"
      ...Written by Jim Doe, it was a joke, now it's just frightening. ^_^ (J/K) It makes more sense if you've ever seen the Kids in the Hall skit (Manservant Hecubus!), but even if you haven't, it's still funny. Or frightening. ^_^ (Warning: Slightly naughty language and allusions to Bunnie hentai! Proceed at your own risk!)

Last Updated: 5/15/01

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